One Night to RelaxMature

At last, Jason’s family came to greet them. As Lady Abigail fought tears, Sarah thought of something one of her sister-in-laws had said.

“Remember you’re not losing a son, but gaining a daughter.”

Unfortunately, that only made Lady Abigail cry. Sarah looked to Jason, confused, but he too was at a loss.

“Come my Lady,” Lord Robert placed a gentle arm around his wife and led her out.

“You two do look very happy,” Sir Arthur commented as he and Madame Guinevere said their good-byes.

“Where’ve Phillip and Gregory gotten to?” Sarah asked after those two had left.

“I think I saw Phillip run off with Mistress Laura,” Jason responded. “As to Gregory,” he shrugged.

“Then we can go home now?” Sarah asked, observing there was no one else in the Manor hall.

“Not until you’ve taken some leftovers for dinner,” Madam Vivian stated as she walked in with a covered basket.

So Sarah and Jason left, laden with leftovers from the reception, and made their way back to his house. It wasn’t a long walk and after they had eaten, they began to talk of yesterday’s experiences.

“You’re serious?” Sarah grinned. “Father had you help him fix the combine?”

“Yes,” Jason laughed. “I had no idea what he meant by draining the engine oil, but I got covered in the stuff and when he took me to the house to clean up I met your mother.”

“Oh no,” Sarah sat down with a mug of ale next to him in the parlor.

“The only thing she said was,” Jason adjusted his voice, “he wasn’t so dirty last I saw him.”

“No way.” Sarah nearly spit out the sip of beer she’d taken.

“Yes, well William showed me how to use the shower and found clothing that would fit. Then that evening,” Jason shook his head, “they took me tothat place.”

Sarah chuckled and snuggled into him. “Come on, you can’t tell me there is nothing like a strip club here. I’m certain Mathew could show me one.”

“Not at all like that!” Jason looked at her. “Sure you see a little more skin than normal, but...”

 Sarah sat up laughing and kissed him. “Your face is beet red.”

“Yes, perhaps,” he looked her at and ran a hand threw his hair. “So tell me, what did you say to my father that he did not once threaten me with disownment.”

“I have no idea,” Sarah sighed as she relaxed back into the couch. “He did ask if I would marry Gregory instead of you.”

“Considering you are here with me,” Jason snickered, “I presume you told him no.”

“Not in a million years,” Sarah stated. “But he did mention that he would look into a way around the laws so he wouldn’t have to disown you.”

Jason sighed. “Of course, if you had a dowry there would not be a legal necessity for it.”

“He did mumble something along the lines of buying a supreme brood mare for under 200 quid.”

Jason snorted. “Please tell me you didn’t promise to do that.”

“No, I just asked how much one normally went for,” Sarah responded, smiling.

“All right love,” Jason kissed her.  “Let us go to bed, tomorrow the day dawns as a normal day for me. I will be here for breakfast but then I go to the Barracks to drill the Scouts and First Years with a brief rest for supper and then I will be home from dinner on.”

“So I’m here alone from dawn till dusk?” Sarah asked.

“Almost,” Jason laughed as they headed upstairs. “It is better that being alone for three months.”

“I dread that time,” Sarah groaned.

Jason kissed her again before blowing out the candle to allow them to undress in the dark. “We shall always have the Willow trees.”

The End

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