Greetings from Some GuestsMature

Sarah didn’t get to eat much of the food that was served, nor did she notice the servers. All the guests had to come up to them and say something. There was something wedding like to the reception, though there was no dancing as Ryan had indicated. Perhaps they saved that for the actual wedding.

Smiling, Sarah noted that the group of Ladies who had just come up, much like the last, didn’t acknowledge her. This time, however, the group actually managed to pull Jason aside. He glanced apologetically over his shoulder, which made Sarah smile.

“Aren’t you afraid one of them might sneak him off?” Gregory asked as he came to lounge against the wall next to her, eyes surveying the crowd.

“Nope.” Sarah scanned the crowd herself. Ryan had yet to make an appearance and she knew he was about.

“Not one little bit?” Gregory asked surprised. “You are not jealous at all?”

“Nope.” Sarah turned her head towards him. “I gave up jealousy a long time ago. All it did was make me worry needlessly and if a guy’s going to cheat, he’s going to cheat whether you worry or not. And Jay, as I’m sure you know,” Sarah looked into Gregory’s eyes, “is not the cheating type.”

“Not to mention I wouldn’t dare.” Jason draped his arms about Sarah’s shoulder. “After all she can and has bested me in sword.”

“You mean she can do more than flip people?”

“Did she flip you brother?” Jason asked in mock innocence.

Sarah rolled her eyes at Gregory. “You can’t tell me you’ve forgotten all you’ve been told of my history here have you?”

Gregory heaved a heavy sigh and wandered off. Jason smiled. “Well Sarah I think you might have done the impossible.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

Broken his heart, he finished mentally as Reed, Aaron, and London nervously approached.

Sarah smiled and greeted them warmly. It wasn’t long before they were talking amicably with her, Jay, and the remainder of Phoenix Troop. With a nudge, Jason moved Sarah away as the talk turned to Scout matters. They didn’t travel far before Griffon came up to them, followed by a reluctant, hooded figure.

“Congratulations you two,” Griffon spoke first as he took the betrothed couple into a hug.

Sarah peered into the hood and found herself smiling. It was Lynn. Cocking her head slightly and raising her eyebrows, she queried Griffon’s daughter. Lynn made a miniscule shake of her head as Griffon let the couple go.

“Now you may or may not have met me friend Weather Mage Lynn,” Griffon presented Lynn.

“Congratulations.” Lynn kept her voice low as she shook their hands.

I believe you just met Rosaline, Jason thought to Sarah.

I know, Sarah stated, I met her back in Riverbend. She covered Jay’s surprise with spoken words of her own. “Pleased to meet you. We’d love if you could stop by and have a meal with us some time.”

“Ah don’t know.” Lynn hesitated.

“I am sure Griffon has mentioned what a good cook Sarah is,” Jason continued the persuasion.

“Well I’ll be taken yah up on tha offer, given a Sergeant’s meeting has been called,” Griffon stated. “T’wouldn’t do yah no harm in coming too.” He looked to Lynn.

“Please?” Sarah asked. “You could educate me on what a mage is.” She smiled.

“Well, I suppose,” Lynn agreed with some trepidation.

“We’ll leave yah the first night for yahselves. But I hope ta be partaking in some good food come tomorra.” Griffon grinned.

Sarah laughed. “I’ll see what I can do.”

So you met Rosaline before, Jason asked amused as they watched the two head out.

She helped pick the dress I wore to meet your mother.

Didn’t think I’d ever see her again, he turned Sarah and gazed into her eyes. Just don’t let Mathew know. Probably best if he was not around for dinner when they are. Not that I expect him to be much of the constant companion he once was.

Sarah hugged Jason to her, not saying anything. They were able to hold each other for a few moments before Ryan came barreling in between them, followed by his laughing father.

“This little rapscallion has taken up your disappearing act,” Sergeant Bear rumbled as he extracted Ryan from the couple. “Don’t suppose you can tell me why.”

“Only the Gods know,” Jason laughed as he ruffled the boy’s hair.

The End

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