Betrothal Morning (Part 2)Mature

Sarah went into the dining hall as Margaret moved back into the kitchen. Food was already set upon the table and Sarah took the seat opposite Master Phillip. He nodded a greeting as he was in the middle of chewing a bite.

Meandering in, and dressed to the nines, Gregory sat down in Lord Robert’s chair.

“So you’ve decided to go to the betrothal?” Master Phillip asked his brother with surprise.

“Well,” Gregory glanced at Sarah, eyes well above the chest. “There will be ladies there lamenting the loss of my brother’s eligibility and...” he shrugged, as he stabbed a piece of cheese and chewed.

“You and your ladies,” Master Phillip snorted at his brother.

“Well I have to make up for your lack of them,” Gregory retorted.

“If you two cause a fuss at the reception I will flip you both,” Sarah hissed.

“Once was enough thank you,” Gregory responded.

Sarah smiled. “Mathew thought so too.”

“You flipped Goodman Mathew?” Master Phillip looked at her wide-eyed.

But, before Sarah could respond, there was a knock at the door. A moment later Hickory came in with Madame Vivian.

“Goodwoman Sarah, are you ready?” the woman asked.

"Ready as I’ll ever be,” Sarah stated as she stood and straightened her skirts. . “See you later boys,” she called over her shoulder as they left.

Madame Vivian gave her a startled glance that Sarah ignored. It probably hadn’t been appropriate, but hey she was a buxom common lass, full of spunk and verve. Sarah laughed.

“You are happy?” Madame Vivian asked. “I was nervous,” she stated. “I had never lived without servants before. I was afraid I’d set our Manor house on fire.”

“Oh I doubt I’d do that. But I’ve been through a lot already.”

“Yes, yes I suppose you have; though I doubt this will be the best time to start your Tri-Luna.” Madame Vivian led them through the Scout quarters. “Phoenix is the best of the Scout Sergeants. Some say when General Hector steps down he’s likely to take his place.”

Joy, Sarah thought, furrowing her brow slightly.

“But I wouldn’t worry about that.” Madame Vivian patted Sarah’s arm. “General Hector plans on staying in his position for as long as he can. Poor man lost his wife last year and doesn’t really have much left to live for.”

“Not even children?” Sarah asked.

“He was never blessed with any; said the Hopefuls he’d seen through the years served him well enough and his wife was content with that.” Madame Vivian sighed. “I would have been happy with that, but the God s blessed me with two. Do you like children?”

“I love them, well, “Sarah smiled, “in small doses. Not that I would scorn children of my own, it’s just...” Sarah sighed. “I can’t have any.”

“Oh dear,” Madame Vivian stopped to look at Sarah. “Are you sure? Does he know?”

“Oh yes he knows.” Sarah smiled. “Jay pretty much knows everything about me. It’s me that knows very little about him.”

“Well I’m sure that can be remedied during your Tri-Luna.” Madam Vivian led her onward towards the temple.

Sarah nodded. One ceremony and then she could settle in to three months of life with Jason and no sex. That's going to be interesting, she thought.

Sarah hadn’t yet felt the need for sex but then, she and Jay hadn’t been in the sort of situation that might arouse either of them. Was that the point? she wondered. Give a couple three months to test their willpower and then allow them the freedom to do as they will once they're married?

The End

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