Betrothal Morning (Part 1)Mature

Sarah rose the next morning, a smile upon her face. Today was her engagement day. No, betrothal, she corrected herself. It seemed strange to think that there was a difference.

Annabelle entered just as Sarah began to rummage through her clothing. She hadn’t seen the girl much since yesterday morning. Then again, the memorial had taken a good chunk of time from their day. Then there had been the explanation to Lord Robert, which had taken up the rest.

“What does one wear to their betrothal?” Sarah asked as she gazed into her trunk.

Annabelle turned from the fire. “Whatever you wish to wear to the reception,” she replied. “Though if it’s really nice you can bring it with you and change in the Temple.”

“There’s time to change?”

“Oh yes, first you change into the betrothal robes and then you change out of them once it’s all over, so really what you wear to the Betrothal has no impact on what you wear to the Reception. No one attending sees your first outfit anyway.”

“Really?” Sarah rummaged through her trunk. There was the nice outfit she’d worn for that short period of time at the Grand-Moyther’s house.

Sarah shook it out. Jay? her thought reached out tentatively hoping he’d hear her.

Yes love? he asked, a smile in his thought. Though we should not be conversing right now you know.

Yes, well, Sarah sighed, I need advice on what to wear.

Is not that a question for my mother?

Maybe, but should I dress as a Scout Sergeant’s wife or a Lordling’s wife? Sarah pulled out the outfit she’d first thought of. Your dual status makes it harder you know.

Which would you prefer?

The peasant's wife? She thought back plaintively.

The only response she got back was amusement before Jason’s thoughts turned to other things. She was about to think at him again when a polite knock sounded at the door. Sarah looked about and noticed Annabelle had slipped out unnoticed. The knock sounded again.

“Who is it?” Sarah asked going to the door.

“Just Margaret,” the woman replied and Sarah opened the door to let her in. “Annabelle said you were up and I thought you might like some help.”

“I’ll figure out what to wear, when, eventually.” She smiled.

Margaret patted Sarah’s hand and glanced at the skirt and jacket already on the bed. “Not a bad choice, but your court dress would also be appropriate.”

“Maybe for our wedding?” Sarah asked, unsure if the same rules of changing applied. “Jason is a Scout Sergeant, so I thought I would dress to that rank, since I will be going home with him tonight.”

“Well, if you’re going to do that,” Margaret chuckled, “then you’ll want to go plainer. T’would also save you from having to change once you got home.”

“Yes,” Sarah sighed in relief, “plainer is better.”

“Then we’ll just go with...”

Margaret delved into the trunk and pulled out one plain skirt, a half corset, short jacket, and chemise.  She let Sarah put the clothing on herself before helping her attend to the cap.

“A simple hat for the likes of us.”

The elderly woman smiled as she deftly removed about half of the flowers for her. She tied it upon Sarah’s head and stood back.

“I might have to attend the reception myself to see all the looks you’ll be getting from the court girls.” Sarah raised her eyebrows at the woman and Margaret chuckled.  “They’ll just be jealous that Lordling Jason picked a girl below his rank to marry.”

“Well, considering I’m an orphan, with no family or property to speak of, I’m lowest of the low, aren’t I?” Sarah surprised herself with how bitter she sounded.

“Tsk, tsk,” Margaret clucked at her as she led Sarah down to the first floor. “You’re willing to work hard and yah Love him; that’s what matters. Now, a quick breakfast before Madame Vivian arrives to take you to the Temple.”

The End

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