A Difference in CultureMature

Sarah climbed the steps and wearily began to get ready for bed. Out of curiosity she sent a tentative thought out to Jason. He seemed extremely embarrassed. For a moment, Sarah was puzzled and then she smiled.

If she knew her brothers, they were likely treating him to a good old American bachelor’s party. Remembering how embarrassed Jason had been seeing her in a bathing suit, she began to chuckle.

They're testing your faithfulness as Gregory tested mine, Sarah laughed at Jay. Don’t worry, the club will close at 1 am.

I am not looking, Jason responded, much to your brothers’ amusement.

Sadly, your family wasn’t nearly as amused when I flipped Gregory, Sarah stated.

You didn’t do it publically did you? Jason gratefully turned his focus to Sarah.

Of course not, Sarah stated. I did it in the house garden with just the family watching, including Mathew, who had pretty much challenged Gregory to try something.

Oh Sarah, Jason sighed. Tomorrow we become betrothed and begin living under the same roof.

Sarah laughed at the longing in his voice.

Tell my brothers I’ll start telling you their secrets if they don’t take you to a regular bar. Sarah settled herself into bed. For proof, tell Robert that you know he kept his girly magazines in a shoebox under the third floorboard from his closet.

Sarah felt Jason’s relief. Thank you love, and goodnight, as I presume you are now going to bed.

Yes, Sarah smiled sleepily. Goodnight love, and don’t let them keep you up too long.

The End

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