Meeting the Boguez Family (Part 2)Mature

 “Gregory,” Sir Arthur leaned across the table towards his brother, “that is our brother Jason’s fiancée, Goodwoman Sarah Anne Smith.”

“What?” Gregory lost composure for a moment before shaking his head. He looked to Sarah. “Did you know he was engaged once before?”

Sarah glanced up from serving herself. “As was I,” she stated before handing the platter to Lady Abigail.

The silence that followed her comment was only punctured by polite requests to pass food. It was surprising to Sarah, who’d expected a plethora of questions. After all, any boyfriend, or potential boyfriend, she’d ever brought home had been given the tenth degree. Presuming Lady Abigail had told them of her origins last night, Sarah tried not to feel uncomfortable. Of course that wasn’t helped by Gregory’s glances. Especially, when his eyes lingered longest on her bosom. So, like everyone else, she focused on eating until the scrape of a chair brought their attention to Lord Robert. Everyone hastily stood and faced him.

“We will be attending the Hopefuls’ Memorial service,” Lord Robert announced. “As Sir Arthur knows there was an attack on the Training Barracks during the Scouting Trials and Lordling Marcus was among the Hopefuls who perished.” He surveyed the group. “I expect you all to be appropriately dressed and well behaved.” His eyes lingered longest on Gregory and Sarah.

Pivoting on his heal Lord Robert marched to the door. Just before he left the room, he turned back. “Goodwoman Sarah, when clean up is over I expect you to come see me in the parlor.”

Sarah did her best bob of a curtsey and replied, “Yes My Lord.”

“How much time before the Memorial?” Madam Guinevere asked Lady Abigail as the boys sat back down again.

“The Reception will start around noon,” Lady Abigail stated. “We are attending as a courtesy to Lord Godfrey.”

Madam Guinevere nodded and began collecting plates. Sarah quickly followed suit, as did Lady Abigail. Margaret entered shortly after and Sarah handed her the load she’d collected before gathering more. Without thinking she moved between Phillip and Gregory to reach another plate. But, by using her left hand, she exposed her chest to Gregory. There was a hungry look in his eyes.

“Don’t even think about it,” she whispered.

Sarah quickly grabbed the plate and left.

“I wouldn’t brother, if I were you,” she heard Sir Arthur chuckle before the Kitchen door closed behind her.

“Is there any more to be gotten?” Margaret asked when Sarah set the platter down on the counter.

“There’s one or two more plates...” Sarah began.

“We will get them,” Lady Abigail told her. “You best go speak with my husband in the parlor.” She placed a hand on Sarah’s shoulder. “I do recommend you try to keep your words in check.”

“I’ll do my best,” Sarah promised. “But, which room is the parlor again?”

Heaving a sigh Lady Abigail told her and Sarah left the kitchen for the front room. Taking a deep breath she knocked upon the closed door. Think of this as a job interview, Sarah told herself, after all it is kind of a job, isn’t it?

The End

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