Morning Preparations (Part 1)Mature

Sarah woke in the early morning at the sound of the bedroom door opening. Sitting up, she watched as Annabelle brought in a pitcher of water and poured it into the basin by Sarah’s bed.

“Good Morning, Annabelle.” Sarah smiled.

The girl looked at her startled. “G... good mornin,” she stammered hesitantly before starting a fire in the fireplace.

It was chilly in the room, but Sarah had gotten used to the cold mornings while at the Training Barracks. Since she didn’t want to spend all day in bed, Sarah rose and began to rummage through her trunk for clothing.

“Does Margaret need help in the kitchen?” she asked as she began to get dressed.

Annabelle stopped and turned to face Sarah. “Well, um, I do na think so. I could ask her if yah like.”

“Well I’m almost dressed.” Sarah pulled on her skirt. “I can just go down and ask myself.” Sarah smiled at the puzzled girl.

“I guess you could,” Annabelle responded at last. “Though yah may want ta use the servants’ stairs so as not ta wake Lord Robert.”

“Thanks.” Sarah smiled. “So where can I find these stairs?”

“At tha back of tha house." The girl bobbed. “I have ta go back that way so yah might as well follow me.”

Sarah followed the girl towards the back of the house. They went through a door into a room with bedrolls on the floor. Passing those, Annabelle led her down to another door, which opened upon dimly lit stairs. Annabelle stopped at the second floor.

“Yah can keep going down to tha kitchen, but,” Sarah stopped and looked at the girl, “can I ask you somethin?”

“Sure.” Sarah smiled.

“Wha happened ta yah hair?”

Sarah’s hand went to her head. “I forgot my cap didn’t I?” Annabelle nodded. “Ah well looks like I’ll be going up before I go down, wouldn’t want to shock anyone you know.”

The girl nodded. “But why is it so short?”

Sarah sighed as she turned to go back up. “It’s a long story.”

A clean cap was easy to find in her trunk. There had to be at least as many as there were chemises and Sarah supposed it was because the two got dirty the fastest. Setting it on her head properly without a mirror was difficult. If she could braid her hair as Madame Vivian did it would have been a lot easier. However, as Annabelle had noticed, Sarah had very little hair to speak of.

How in the world am I going to explain my short hair? she thought out to Jay. Can I say I was caught being a scout and you decided to marry me?

There was no response. Sarah shrugged and made her way back down the servants’ stairs.

The End

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