By the time everything was cleaned and put away Sarah and Ryan climbed wearily up the stairs. The poor boy was nearly asleep on his feet he’d been running back and forth so much.

“Have you ever been to the Temple?” Sarah asked as she tucked Ryan into bed.

“Lots of times.” He grinned. “We go once a week to be taught by Moyther Mary and Fayther Joseph.”

“You get taught?” Sarah asked.

“Oh yes,” Ryan had perked up eager to talk. “They tell us all sorts of stories about the Gods and how the Gods believe we should act. They tell us about Vervell’s history and why it and Azure are no longer one country...”

“So what does a Temple look like?” Sarah interrupted his stream of words.

“It’s this big ring of Willows with a Godwood tree in the front. And it’s got a well of life beneath that. And the Gods huts of course...”

“Wait,” Sarah stopped his flow of words again. “You mean that large grouping of Willows over that way,” she gestured towards the wall in the direction of the Willows, “is a Temple.”

“Un huh.” Ryan nodded as he snuggled under his blankets.

Temples are like our Grove Sarah, Jason’s voice wafted into her head, only they are much bigger, quite a bit bigger I should say, he chuckled.

Jay! Sarah was happy to hear his voice as she too crawled under her blankets. Where are you? Can I come see you? I’m back in skirts now.

Jason chuckled. No I think my father shall arrive tomorrow and you will have to spend a whole day with my Family. You have already met Sir Arthur at least.

He doesn’t seem like a bad sort, Sarah commented.

He has a tendency to find a joke in everything, Jason stated.

So where are you? Sarah asked.

In the Temple, healing, and listening to the memorial services.

They lapsed into silence, and yet it was a shared silence; neither one drawing their presence from the other. It was Ryan’s whimpering in his sleep that prompted Sarah to speak again.

Jay? She felt his consciousness regain focus. Do you think there could be a second assassin, twin to the first?

A twin assassin? Jason pondered the idea. Twins are extremely rare, especially since the Sundering, but... What makes you think so?

Well I got a Nigiri dagger in my leg while protecting the Prince, Sarah explained. I swear the face looked extremely familiar, and then Ryan had this dream, that might not have been a dream.

Ryan? Bear’s son?

Yes, Sarah sighed as she looked at the sleeping boy. He’s sleeping in the bed next to mine, apparently brought by Willow. He told me of this dream about how the Gods sent him to give this girl a vial to drink to keep her from pain. Then he was chased by an evil man’s men along with an Assassin who looked like the one that tried to kill me.

Jason was silent for a moment, and Sarah was nearly asleep when he spoke again. I am sure the King already knows about the second assassin, if the Nigiri tried to kill Prince Theodoso. Jason sighed. We are not in a position to think much of it Sarah, let those in command deal with it, though Ryan’s dream is disturbing. But... if he came here by Willow then the Gods are involved and...

Why are they involving him Jay? Sarah interrupted. He ought to stay young and innocent.

I do not know Sarah, Jason sighed. I do not know. Now get some sleep there is likely to be another Memorial tomorrow.

Sarah sighed. All right

Good night my love. There was a smile in his voice. We will soon be engaged.

Sarah smiled but sleep over came her before she could think of an appropriate response.

The End

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