Evening Respite

Sarah would have loved to have had a bath that evening, even if it was just her pitcher in an outhouse. But she had no energy and tomorrow would be another full day of trials. She was even too weary to check her bed, instead collapsing upon it just as soon as she’d shucked her armor. Reed, Aaron, Kirk and London followed suit. They all sat up as Marcus, Bennett and Michael trooped in.

“How’d you all fare?” Sarah asked good naturedly, trying to ease the tension that rose between the two groups. London seemed especially on edge.

“Saw that move you made to switch opponents with Kirk,” Marcus commented.

Sarah shrugged as she tugged off a boot. “No one told me I couldn’t.” Marcus raised his eyebrows. Sarah looked at him. “I’d have done the same for anyone.” She pulled her other boot off and wiggled her toes.

“Just like you helped me?” Marcus sneered.

“I told you, we’re on the same team,” Sarah sighed.

“Are you trying to make sergeant early like Phoenix?” he asked stepping up to her.

“No,” Sarah stood to face him. “I am trying to pass for Phoenix and be a decent human being at the same time.”

“Pass for Phoenix? What in the Gods is that supposed to mean?” Marcus was really puzzled now.

“Top secret King’s business.” Sarah grinned. “If I told you I’d have to kill you.”

“I don’t get it,” Michael complained from where he sat on his bed.

Marcus turned to glare at him.

“Of course you don’t,” Sarah sat back down on her bed. “I barely get it myself half the time.” She flipped open her covers and lay down. “Now we all have another hard day of testing to go through, so I think I’m going to sleep.” She curled up and pulled the blankets around her. “Good night boys.”

Sarah felt Marcus watching for a moment, before she heard him walk to his bed.

“I think Smith has the right idea,” Reed stated.

The few sconces that lit the room were extinguished and soon every Hopeful in Class B was in bed. Rain began to patter upon the roof and Sarah smiled as she let it lull her to sleep.

The End

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