Sarah Takes a Stand

The King frowned upon his son, but the Prince smirked, as if in making Lady Abigail sit he had won a battle. As the silence lengthened Sarah began to smile. Certain words the Prince had used, pleasure, copulate, clicked together in her mind and before anyone else could speak she stepped forward.

“If I may interject,” Sarah requested. Trust me she thought to Jason who was clearly concerned with her speaking. “Your Majesty,” she hastily amended.

“Go on,” the King regarded her curiously.

Sarah definitely liked the man. She gathered her thoughts. “Please forgive me if I’m a little crass,” she looked apologetically at Jason’s mother, who only nodded the slightest bit. “But I think,” Sarah looked directly at the Prince, “Your highness is confusing lust with love.”

His eyes narrowed as he met her gaze. “Am I?” he asked. “And what, pray tell is lust?”

Sarah closed her eyes for a moment, finding it hard to believe he didn’t know that word. His smirk faded as she opened her eyes again and looked into his. “Lust, an extreme physical attraction to another person; sometimes called desire. It is the motivator behind kissing and caressing and copulating with an attractive member of the opposite sex.”

Sarah heard Lady Abigail intake a sharp breath.

“And that is different than love?” The Prince clearly didn’t believe there was a difference.

“Yes!” Sarah looked him dead in the eyes, her hands clenched in fists. “Your Highness.” She nearly spat out his title and forced herself take a deep breath before continuing. “Desire might be part of love, but it isn’t always. Lust and desire is what brings the sailor into port seeking out the company of a woman to bed. Love,” Sarah’s fists slowly unfurled as a sad smile slowly spread across her face. “Love is what drives a mother to save her own child even at the cost of her own life.” The Prince continued to stare at her as if he didn’t understand. “Look,” Sarah sighed. “If lust was all that brought Jason and I together, then I would agree.”

“Ha!” The Prince snorted triumphantly.

Sarah stepped closer to him, “But it’s not.” Sarah! Jay’s shocked voice halted her next step. She knew she ought to be more respectful, but they ought to be glad she hadn’t decked the boy. “We’re driven by love and our own beliefs. And if love is, as Lady Abigail says, a gift of the Gods then they know its power. Even in my world there is a saying, Love conquers all. Heck most stories I’ve read about love revolve around that. That and,” Sarah shook her head slightly, “you can’t escape your destiny.”

The Prince blinked at her. He seemed dumbfounded. She didn’t know if it was because she was a woman standing up to him or if what she said was sinking in. Sarah’s expression changed as she realized he’d probably never known love, at least, not the way she had. Learning about love versus lust through trial and error was part of growing up for her. In another bold move, and perhaps to soften her actions Sarah reached out and touched his shoulder.

“Someday I hope you’ll get to experience love,” she told him. “There are times when it is pure heartache but the joy,” Sarah gave mih a lopsided smile. “The joy it can bring is worth a world of trouble.” Or even a world lost, she thought stepping back to Jason’s side. His hand reached for hers and she did not need to see his smile to know he approved of her words.

The End

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