Lady Abigail’s Theory

The Prince’s scowl only deepened as the King looked through his notes. He asked Sarah and Jason simple questions, verifications of the facts. Had she been with the scout troop? Yes. How long was she with them? Over four months. Had she been the one to complete the mission? Yes.

The Prince tapped his foot impatiently and Sarah wondered just how old he was. He looked to be not much younger than Jason, and yet he was acting like a petulant teen. Sarah studied him from behind her eyelashes. What did he have against her, she wondered, or maybe it was against women in general. At last he burst.

 “Father, it is not the what that is concerning, it is the why.”

“It is?” The King looked up at his son, with a much more patient face than Sarah expected. “And pray tell me what is the why?”

“Scout Sergeant Phoenix is clearly infatuated with her and kept her for his own pleasure.”

Sarah bristled. No. Jason squeezed her hand painfully and Sarah bit her tongue. She could feel he too was outraged at the accusation.

“Truly?” The King gazed thoughtfully at his son and then to Sarah and Jason.

“Why else would he leave her on a farm, only to return and bring her back to his Troop? Why else would he keep her with them even as they moved into enemy lands, Why…”

“Ahem,” the King interrupted his son and laid a hand on the boy’s arm. “Did you wish to speak Lady Abigail?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, I would like to speak on behalf of my son.”

Sarah admired how the woman could be so calm.

“Please do Lady Abigail.” The King motioned for her to continue while the Prince glared.

“I believe,” Lady Abigail stated, “that they have been blessed by Love.” The Prince smirked. “And,” she held her hands as if in prayer, her eyes turning towards the heavens, “that their Love is a union forged by the Gods themselves; therefore it is True Love.”

The Prince scoffed. Sarah smiled slightly as she saw the King shoot him a scathing glance before turning a kind gaze to Lady Abigail. “And what makes you say this?”

“I have tutored Madams for nearly twenty years now,” she stated. “In every case the Sir and Madame have been in Love. The behavior I see between my son and Sarah is a pure reflection of that, strange as her ways may be.”

“You see,” the Prince began, but he was silenced by a wave of the Kings hand.

“Please continue,” the King requested.

“My son may have chosen a non-traditional route to serve the Gods, but he is a true believer, Your Majesty. The love that lies between them,” she gestured to Sarah and Jason, “is but the Gods reward for serving them faithfully, though it has strained many ties. Even still he serves them by placing himself and Sarah in danger when they ask.” Lady Abigail turned directly to the Prince. “Would you accuse a Knight of poor judgment because he Loves his wife, Your Highness?”

“Next you’ll tell me that Moythers and Faythers are in Love though they do not copulate,” The Prince sneered.

Lady Abigail’s hand rose to her mouth which had opened in shock. Sarah bit back laughter when Jason’s mother flourished a hand at the Prince. “Their Love is the greatest of True Loves," Lady Abigail stated as she sat, clearly disturbed by the Prince’s words.

The End

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