Lady Abigail sent Sarah to bed early. “No need for you to be tired tomorrow. It will not do for you to forget your manners because you did not get enough sleep.”

Sarah would have rather had another evening visit with Jason. But, she thought stifling a yawn, it was a good idea. So she said good night and trooped up the two flights of stairs to her assigned bedroom.

Sarah undressed, resisting the urge to chuck the corset. Once down to her chemise, she looked out the window into the night and sighed. It was so like suburbia; not a single window looked into another. She peered through the glass, moving from one side to the other, but there was no glimpse of a castle. Somehow Sarah doubted the King would live in a city house. She couldn’t even remember if she’d seen a castle on their way in.

Heaving yet another sigh Sarah flopped onto the bed and tried to get comfortable. For a long while she alternated between staring at the wall, the ceiling and the fireplace. It was odd to have a fireplace in every room, and it made her wonder how cold winter was. So far the weather seemed mild. In fact today had been the first day she’d seen rain. She could only presume that she’d somehow dodged it all since the fields showed no signs of suffering from a drought.

Sarah shook her head and sat up. She could hear footsteps on the stairs. Quietly getting out of bed she opened the door a crack. Peeping through it Sarah smiled and opened it further. Her feeling had been correct. It was Jason, looking tired and resigned.

“Jay?” she called to him hesitantly standing in her doorway, forgetting it wasn't proper to be seen by a man in just a chemise.

He stopped just as he was about to open the door across the hall. He turned to look at her. “I thought you would be sleeping by now.”

“Too nervous I guess,” Sarah smiled as she leaned upon the doorframe.

She could feel his eyes take her in as a smile slowly crept across his face. She wondered if he would do anything other than look at her when he quickly closed the gap with one soft step. Jason cupped her chin and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Now get back to bed before my mother catches us being improper again.” He stepped back

Sarah reached out to catch his wrist. “I’m just trying to get it all out before tomorrow.”

Jason chuckled as he pryed her hand off. She pouted at him. He caught her other hand and held them both in his own. Before Sarah could speak Jason bowed and kissed her hands.

“Good night my love.” His smile was infectious and Sarah couldn’t help but smile back. “We will have plenty of time to be improper once our Tri-Luna has begun.” He let go her hands and spun round into his room.

You keep saying that she thought at him as the door closed behind him.

Jason chuckled in her head. Good night my love.

Good night my Knight, Sarah sighed. She wasn’t sure he heard her since he seemed to have already fallen asleep. Lucky bastard, she thought as she stared up at the ceiling, though it wasn’t really that long before she joined him in slumber.

The End

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