Time to Confess (Part 1)

Sarah felt herself go beet red. Um Jay? She reached out to Jason with her mind, glad he was in the house.

“Despite what my son might think,” Lady Abigail began as she helped Sarah out of the dress, “I can keep a secret.”

What’s up my Love? Jason’s reply came back sleepy.

Your mother knows. Sarah put on her skirt.

Knows what? Jason seemed to have been napping, something Sarah wished she could do.

That we are in love, she informed him as she donned her jacket.

What! He was awake now.

Sarah smiled. I think we ought to tell her.

No! was Jason’s curt response.

Why not? Sarah unconciously pouted as she tied her jacket.

She will not understand. Sarah heard his feet on the stairs.

Oh and it’s so much easier for her to understand if she doesn’t know? Sarah involuntarily made fists at his stubbornness. Lady Abigail’s touch refocused Sarah’s gaze.

“Ever since my son became a scout instead of a Knight he has been a puzzle to me,” she told Sarah. “He has such deep faith in the Gods, yet he defies them at every step. Despite that the Gods continually favor him.”

Each time Lady Abigail said Gods, Sarah’s head pulsed with pain. I’m telling her, she thought defiantly at Jason.

“Lady Abigail,” Sarah began, slightly hesitantly. But before she could get any further Jason burst into the room.

“Sarah!” he hissed.

“Sit,” Sarah commanded as she turned to face him. Jason’s eyes widened, a look of desperation in them. “She’s your mother,” Sarah stated, hands going to her hips. “And where would we be if I hadn’t told my mother everything?” Sarah glared at him, daring him to answer.

Jason blinked and bowed his head. You win. He sounded so dejected in her head that she immediately relented.

“Oh Jay,” Sarah sighed, stepping over to hug him.

Jason held her tightly until Lady Abigail coughed, reminding them she was in the room. They broke apart as Sarah felt her face flush. Jason's hand searched for hers as he had when Griffon had confronted them. Lady Abigail looked expectant, her gaze more curious than annoyed.

“Where do we begin?” Sarah asked, glancing at Jason.

“At the beginning I suppose,” Jason replied.

“You mean the day you found the pant wearing girl hanging upside down in a dogwood?” Sarah smiled. Griffon's description of her was too apt not to be used.

“Godwood,” Jason corrected a smile lighting his face as well.

“What!” Lady Abigail’s expression changed from curiosity to shock. Before either Sarah or Jason could respond, Lady Abigail flourished a hand at them. “There is a court dress to be finished. You may explain while we work. Jason, I presume you still know how to trim a hem.”

“Yes mother,” Jason replied. Do not ask, he thought as Sarah raised her eyebrows. She managed not to chuckle.

“Sarah, you can fold and pin the hem. I will sew.”

Grateful to not be sewing Sarah quickly complied. Jason did as well and the dress slowly began to rotate between them. Yet he did not begin until his mother had begun to stitch the hem.

“Do you remember that day when Father gave me my first real sword?”

“Of course,” Lady Abigail looked shocked at the thought that she might not. “It was the first time you disappeared and came back with some tall tale about a girl in pants.”

Sarah and Jason exchanged glances. Suddenly Lady Abigail looked up at the two of them. Her hands froze in their position as her eyes flicked between them. Finally her gaze rested upon Jason who was now grinning.

“You mean to tell me, that Sarah,” she glanced over at Sarah before turning back to her son, “is this imaginary girl you told us about back then?”

“Yes, Mother.”

“You have known her much longer than I thought.” Lady Abigail returned to her work.

Sarah glanced at Jason as silence settled over them. Wait was his only response.

The End

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