An Improper Kiss

The next few days dragged on for Sarah. Between etiquette and learning to sew a straight seam she was bored to sleep. Even the chatter of the four Ladies who showed up every morning to help hadn’t kept her awake. To make matters worse Lady Angelina, Jason’s ex-fiancée, was part of that crowd.

Am I going to meet all your failed loves, Sarah had mentally shot out to Jason, having been in a foul mood when she was introduced.

Thankfully either he hadn’t heard her or he had ignored the comment. Sarah suspected he hadn’t heard it, because he made no mention of it during his daily evening visit. In fact Jason’s night time visits were the only thing that kept Sarah going.

“Have you heard me think anything at you since my dress construction began?” Sarah finally asked on the fifth evening of her stay.

Jason thought for a second before he shook his head. “No, I cannot say I have. I have sensed your boredom, but that is about it. Why?” He turned to gaze at her curiously.

“So you’re not ignoring me?”

“Sarah!” He looked at her shocked. “Since when have I ever ignored you?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Sarah looked out over the flowering garden. “Ever since I got here?”

“Sarah,” his voice quaked and she could feel his anguish at the accusation.

Sarah quickly turned towards him and flashed him a smile. “I know, I know, we talked about it before. It’s just very hard to be a proper Lady all day. You can’t expect me to keep myself bottled up can you?”

Jason’s expression softened as he tucked a wayward strand of hair under her hat.

“These hats make me feel ridiculous you know. I have no idea why I have to wear one at night, especially in the garden.” She pouted at him.

“Oh hats like that are quite useful,” Jason chuckled softly.

“And how is that?” Sarah demanded to know.

“They can hide inappropriate actions quite nicely,” he smiled.

Before Sarah could ask how, Jason had tilted her hat to shield them from the house and kissed her lips. He pulled back with a grin. Sarah leaned in for more, but Jason placed a finger to her lips and set her hat back on straight.

“I know you are used to more,” he struggled for words.

“Physical intimacy?” Sarah supplied and Jason nodded gratefully. “And let me guess,” she continued, “it is not proper.” She flourished a hand like Lady Abigail.

“Yes,” Jason chuckled. “And we are not supposed to be in love.”

“I know, I know,” Sarah sighed as she turned her gaze back to the flowers.

Jason too looked out over the blossoms. Moving closer to her he took one of her hands in his. “It will be easier once our Tri-Luna has begun. Though things will still not be as you are used to them, we will at least be living in the same house.”

“We’re not now?” Sarah asked glancing at him in puzzlement.

“No. I do not live here, but in the scout quarters with my men. As a Scout Sergeant I am entitled to one of the Sergeant’s houses.” He smiled at her. “Like what Griffon has.”

“Oh.” Suddenly Sarah smiled. “And I’ll get to be a Goodwoman as opposed to a Lady?” She was getting better at remembering titles. She still found it hard to guess rank within a class though.

“Yes,” Jason smiled. “I think that role does suit you much better.”

Yes it does, Sarah thought, eliciting another chuckle from Jason. They sat in companionable silence for a moment until a bell tolled nine o’clock.

“I am afraid I must part, my Lady.” Jason rose and offered a helping hand to Sarah.

“Must it be so soon, my Lord?” She fell into her part as she accepted his assistance.

“I wish it was not, but I must be up at dawn to train our ruffians to fight should the need ever arise.”

They walked side by side down the hall till at last they came to the front door.

“I hope to the Gods it does not come to that,” Sarah responded at last. It felt very funny to say god in the plural, especially as her head always throbbed when she did.

“Me too Sarah,” Jason sighed as he turned to face her. “Me too,” he whispered as they exchanged kisses to the cheeks.

Sarah watched him walk down the street for a moment before closing the door and heading to bed. She paused to look out the second floor hall window. Jason turned to face the house.

Good night my love, his voice whispered into her head as he blew her a kiss.

Good night my Knight, she thought back, catching his kiss. Turning she walked up the next flight with a smile on her face. It was a smile that did not fade, even after sleep had overtaken her.

The End

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