Acquiring Attire (Part 2)

Tuning out the litany of words, half of which didn’t really mean anything to her, Sarah went back to studying the darker fabrics. Probably for men’s clothing, she thought, fingering a very nice navy blue. There were no blacks; no true blacks at least. There were some really nice dark grays though. Before Sarah could start pondering why, she was startled by the reappearance of Edward.

“I found six bolts, Madame, if you will just come back to the counter.”

He gestured towards where the rolls had been laid carefully across the counter. Lady Abigail and Rupert had moved elsewhere, though Sarah could still hear their voices. Sarah immediately deselected the two most pastel bolts, eliciting a grin from Edward. With a little more internal debate she deselected another two. By that time Lady Abigail had rejoined them.

“We will take both,” she declared.

“Very good, m’lady” Rupert nodded as Edward left with the rejected rolls. “When should we expect Hickory to arrive to pick up your dry goods?”

“Sometime after supper I should think.”

Rupert bowed. “It is a pleasure doing business with you Lady Abigail.”

“As it always is dear Rupert.” Lady Abigail turned back towards the door. “Come child,” and she glided out to the street, Sarah in tow.

The rest of the day became a blur as they visited various shops where Sarah was poked and prodded and measured. Mostly just measured, but by the time she was out of the Corsetiere’s she felt like she had been poked and prodded. Fifteen corsets she’d tried on and not a one had fit. Apparently too much spilled out up top, or the waist wasn’t tight enough to give proper support. So a corset was ordered and paid extra for due to the rush.

“Never enough time,” Sarah heard Lady Abigail mutter as they began to head home.

Halfway up the steep path Sarah's legs began to ache. Now she understood the purpose of the steps, but there were so many that she eventually began to drag. She was grateful to see Lady Abigail was showing fatigue too.

Tired, Sarah nearly ran into another Lady because she automatically moved to the right instead of left. Thankfully Lady Abigail was paying attention and cleared her throat. Sarah looked up, her face flushed, and moved over. it was none too soon when they reached the city house, for Sarah was ready to collapse.

“Mother,” Jason exclaimed as they entered the dining room and splashed water upon their faces. “What in the name of Vervell were you two doing today?”

“Your fiancée required a court dress from ground up," Lady Abigial admonished him with a hand flourish. "Thankfully her tastes ran to last years colors and so we will get a gown and two dresses for the price of a gown. Unfortunately,” she continued before Jason could say anything, “the savings will be eaten up by the custom corset." She took a short breath, "Now let us eat and rest, for tomorrow is when the real work shall begin.”

Sarah stifled a groan as Jason helped her to her seat. Can’t I just change my mind and go be a man? Scout life seems so much better right now.

Jason smiled at her. If you do, that would make two women I have chased into pants.

How’d you chase Weather Mage Lynn into pants?

Who? Jason’s glanced up to look at Sarah, very puzzled. Never mind, you can explain later.

Sarah realized Lady Abigail was studying them. Sarah's face flushed and she went back to eating.

The End

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