Preparations for a Journey (Part 1)

Lady Abigail daintily wiped her mouth and set down her napkin, officially ending lunch.

“Now,” she said glancing at Jason before turning her attention to Sarah. “We ought to return to my cousin’s and pack what we can to supply you until we have created you a wardrobe of your own.”

Lady Abigail rose; Mathew immediately moving the chair out of her way. Sarah and Jason mirrored them. Taking Sarah’s arm, Lady Abigail guided them out the door and into the street. They walked side by side while Jason and Mathew followed behind. As they turned down the side street to Griffon’s they were greeted by the Moyther and Fayther of Riverbend.

“Ah, good Lady Abigail,” Moyther Mary spoke. “Could we have a word with you please?”

Lady Abigail looked to Sarah and then back to the Moyther. “Certainly, Moyther Mary,” she replied, still intent on continuing to Griffon’s.

“Alone please,” the Fayther stated.

Lady Abigail stopped abruptly. “Alone, Fayther Joseph?”

“We do not wish to cause the child,” Moyther Mary indicated Sarah, “undue pain. Please, it is a matter of the Gods.”

Lady Abigail looked again at Sarah, then at Jason and Mathew. “Very well,” she stated before facing Sarah. “Go on to Walter’s and set the clothing he is letting you borrow on the bed. I shall be back over to help you pack what we need.” She turned then to Jason and Mathew. “Please finish escorting Goodwoman Sarah to the house and then fetch my spare trunk. I will return in no time.” And with that she joined the Moyther and Fayther and they continued towards the outskirts of town.

For a moment the three of them stood there. Sarah was the first to resume walking to Griffon’s. She wanted to get along with Lady Abigail, which meant she would do what the woman asked. The two men trailed behind her.

“What do you think all that was about?” Mathew asked.

“The Gods only know,” was Jason’s reply.

“Your Gods give me a headache,” Sarah stated as her head began to pound. “Now go fetch that trunk as the good lady asked you to.”

Sarah stomped into the house as she heard Mathew whisper, “You really want to marry that?” Yes, she thought, Mathew was as irritating as her youngest brother.

“Do na tell me Lady Abigail did not like ye?” Griffon asked as Sarah passed through the kitchen.

“Of course she liked her,” Ryan piped up from Griffon’s lap.

Sarah stopped. Her head had cleared. “I have no idea,” she told them, “but she did ask me to waltz.”

Griffon roared with laughter, sending Ryan scattering off his lap. Making her escape upstairs, Sarah began to sort the clothing she’d laid on the bed earlier that day. Had that really been part of today, she wondered. Better not think about time, she told herself. Who knows how long she’d really been here. And there were times; times when Sarah feared she’d wake up from a coma to find this was all a dream.

“What are you doing?” Ryan’s head appeared at the other side of the bed.

“Jesus!” Sarah put a hand to her heart and willed it to stop pounding.

“Sorry,” Ryan apologized as he clambered onto the one clear spot on the bed. “So what are you doing?”

“Packing,” Sarah looked at the clothing, “or at least preparing to pack.”

“Are you taking all of it?” Ryan eyed the piles curiously.

“I don’t know, Lady Abigail is supposed to help me.” Sarah pulled out more clothing from the trunk. There seemed to be a lot, and yet, it was nothing compared to her mother’s collection of clothing.

“I like Lady Abigail,” Ryan stated. “She smells nice.” He leaned forward and sniffed at Sarah. “You do too.”

Sarah laughed. “That’s what happens when you take baths often.”

A knock was heard on the front door before Ryan could comment. They both listed as Griffon greeted Lady Abigail. Her return was quickly followed by the sound of Jason and Mathew. Judging by the grunts, the trunk was being a bit awkward. Sarah turned to the bed and noticed Ryan had gone. Little scamp, she thought affectionately, knows just when to appear and disappear doesn’t he.

The End

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