Preparing to Meet the Lady (Part 2)

“Did ye teach ‘er ta waltz?” Griffon asked, startling both Sarah and Martha.

Griffon, Jason and Mathew had apparently snuck in and were leaning against the stair well. Judging by the look on Ryan’s face, Sarah guessed he was behind the sneakiness.

“Did ye teach ‘er ta waltz?” Griffon repeated.

“What do I look like, a Madame,” Martha stood, hands on her hips.

“What?” Griffon was not phased. “I know me cousin’s standards. She expects the girls she tutors to know certain things.”

“Tutors?” Sarah looked towards Jason, puzzlement on her face.

“My mother,” Jason stood up to explain, “tutors young women who have been chosen to be Knight’s wives court etiquette.”

“That’s why,” Sarah began and then quickly shut her mouth. If Martha hadn’t admitted to Lynn being Griffon’s daughter, then Sarah shouldn’t either.

“Why what?” Jason asked her.

Thankfully Griffon answered. “Why ye should have sent ‘er ta yer mother in the first place.”

“Would we have gained the knowledge we did?” Jason turned to face Griffon as a peer. “Or brought our mission to as successful a close?”

“I suppose,” Griffon grunted acquiescence. “There is that.”

“Well the time draws nigh.” Jason turned toward Sarah, proffering an arm. “Are you ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Sarah took a deep breath and stood. He laced her arm with his.

Mathew shook his head, his face displaying no emotion.

Martha turned to Griffon. “She looks like Rosaline, don’t she?”

“More strength of character,” Griffon nodded. “Shame the two couldn’t meet.”

Sarah ginned, though Martha’s reply was cut out as Mathew closed the door. Blinking in the sunlight, Sarah wondered if she would tell him about Lynn’s visit. Sarah could picture Griffon chuckling if he was told. Unfortunately Sarah had more serious things to think about than a potential friendship with her 'twin'.

“So,” Sarah drawled as they began strolling through town. “Anything I should know before I meet your mother?”

“Manners,” Mathew chuckled.

Sarah threw him a scathing glance, “Aside from manners.”

Jason took a while to answer the question, so it was Mathew who spoke first.

“Don’t ever admit to having worn pants,” he grinned mischievously. “She hates women who live as men.”

“Really?” For some reason Sarah couldn’t believe Mathew. It seemed so incongruous with what little Jason had said about his mother. He’d always painted a picture of her as ever patient and loving, a complete contrast to his father. A man Sarah was thankful she didn’t have to meet, at least not yet.

“That is not true,” Jason confirmed Sarah’s suspicions. “She does not hate them, she just does not understand them.” Jason gave Sarah’s arm a squeeze. “It is the not being able to understand that she hates.”

“Right,” Sarah sighed. Figuring she would be hard enough to understand as it was, Sarah decided she’d take Mathew’s advice.

“She will love you,” Jason assured her with another squeeze to her arm.

They arrived at the Inn, Shepard’s Rest, according to the sign, a few silent moments later. Jason opened the door for Sarah and escorted her in as Mathew followed behind. The place was empty, or at least devoid of people. A few tables made themselves at home in front of a large hearth. But it was the one warmed by the sun that looked most inviting, probably because it was the one that had been set for lunch. Leading them past that table Jason paused at the foot of an open stairwell.

“Mother?” he called up. There was no response so he spoke louder. “Mother?”

“Just a moment,” a faint reply was heard, from the other side of the room

As they turned to where the voice originated Sarah took a moment to take in her surroundings. It felt so much more open that the Scout housing she’d been staying in. Considering the room was at least quadruple the size of Griffon's parlor, that wasn’t surprising. Not to mention the ceiling was at least a foot higher. Sarah wondered if they ever held dances in here. The table set up suggested they might.


They all turned as the scent of roast meat wafted out of the door by the hearth. A petite woman began walking towards them. Jason, letting go of Sarah, strode forward to meet her.


They took each others arms and exchanged kisses to the cheek. The woman, an ageless beauty, was dressed in a simple jacket and skirt, making Sarah feel rather awkward in her ornate gown. In fact, Sarah found it hard to believe that this woman was a Lady, much less one who had borne five sons. Considering Jason was the youngest and at least twenty-four, made it only more unbelievable.

“My dear son,” the woman took stock of Jason before turning her smile to Sarah. “And this must be the girl of which you spoke last night.”

Jason smiled at Sarah and held his hand out to her. Hesitantly, Sarah stepped forward to meet her Fiancé’s mother.

The End

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