Differences of Opinion

Jason sighed as they both turned to Sarah. “Are you all right?” He crouched before her bringing his face level to hers. “Sarah?”

Sarah shook her head. “Yeah fine,” she grumbled, stiffly standing.

Gathering the dishes she ignored their concerned looks as she went to the kitchen. Jason and Griffon trailed behind her.

“Wonder how ‘e got wind o’ it” Griffon mused.

“Of what?” Mathew asked from the table, feigning innocence.

Jason frowned at Mathew as he sat down. “That there was a woman with Phoenix Troop.”

Mathew snorted. “I’d guess our captive told them,” he made it sound like that was the only choice.

“He gave his word he would not.” Jason glared at Mathew.

“And you believed him?”

Sarah looked at Mathew. “Why shouldn’t he?”

Mathew looked at her like she was crazy, “He’s the crown Prince of Azer, probably hoping to destroy the best scout troop of Vervell.” His gaze returned to Jason. “Not like we didn’t give him a way, sending her to do a man’s job.”

“Cooking’s a man’s job now?” Sarah asked facetiously as she began washing dishes.

Jason sighed. “It was not just I that decided to use Sarah to infiltrate the camp.”

“Well I think,” Sarah spoke up before Mathew could reply, “that our captive is a decent boy who had a good reason for telling.” She gripped the counter as dizziness passed over her. “IF he’s the one that told.”

“I agree wi’ ye,” Griffon nodded at her.

“He’s from Azer,” Mathew looked at Griffon, “and in league with the General. How can you agree with her?”

“Why the hell,” Sarah turned back around pounding on the counter, “would Hermanus be in league with the man who, kept him prisoner, AND dislocated his shoulder when he tried to escape?”

The three men exchanged glances. Sarah shook her head with an exasperated sigh and left to go to the well.

It was annoying, Sarah thought as she paused at the well to allow another dizzy spell to pass, this whole being weak thing. She’d gotten through it before; what, two years ago now? Sarah wasn't sure of the passage of time. She shook her head; this wasn’t recovering from surgery gone wrong. Still if she could leave the hospital early and survive just fine she could get over this.

Sarah let the bucket wizz down into the water with a satisfying splash. Unfortunately, remembering the hospital made her remember the friends that helped her out then. She had no way of knowing if they were alive or dead, no way of contacting them. A single tear ran down her cheek and she brought up the bucket.

“Sarah!” Martha’s shrill voice interrupted Sarah’s thoughts. “What are you doing out of bed. You need to stay there until Moyther Mary gets here in the morning.” Her motherly tone demanded obedience.

So Martha brought the filled bucket inside, while Sarah walked dejectedly in front of her. The men looked up when they entered. Sarah stopped at the table until Martha gave her such a scathing look she decided it was better to be upstairs. Once in bed Sarah listened to Martha scold the men for not making Sarah get rest.

Sarah’s thoughts from earlier returned as silence settled below. While out scouting she had missed her family most, but now her thoughts wandered to her friends. Friends she’d never see again, friends that she would have loved introducing Jay to. Knowing that the men would be leaving her alone or face Marta’s wrath, Sarah allowed her emotions to flow.

At some point, before Sarah fell asleep, Jason’s voice whispered in her head.

I will talk to you soon my love.

The End

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