Gods in the Grove

Sarah was tossed to her feet. Stumbling she fell forward and caught herself with her hands. Staying on her hands and knees she waited as the pain receded. Then she blinked. Her eyes stared at the all too familiar ground beneath her.

Slowly Sarah stood. She was in The Grove, her Grove.

“Please,” she whispered, “please God, don’t let me be dead.” Then she saw Jason.

“Jay!” Sarah ran toward him but stopped halfway there.

Something wasn’t right. Hesitantly she stepped forward, past the spring. “Jay?”

He leaned against the dogwood, his face a mask of depression. He didn’t look at her.

“Jason?” all her longing and concern came out in that one word.

She took another step closer.

His head slowly lifted, “Sarah?”

But he couldn’t’ seem to see her, though he reached out towards her. Before she could reach to him and take his hands he shimmered and disappeared. In his place now stood a man and woman clothed in blazing white.

“Have no fear child,” the woman said as Sarah stumbled back, nearly falling into the spring.

“We are the Gods,” the man stated.

“Gods?” Sarah asked regaining her composure.

The two looked at each other. Sarah couldn’t interpret their look but they replied in unison.

“YES, THE GODS,” their voices boomed through the Grove as they towered above the trees shining with a holy light.

Sarah closed her eyes, blinking back tears. Then they again stood before her, only their bright white robes marking them as supreme beings.

“Okay.” Sarah swallowed. “Why?”

They exchanged glances again.

“Why what child,“ the woman asked gently.

“Why does everything I ever live for get taken away?” Sarah was on the verge of sobbing.

“Oh dear,” the woman glanced at the man before continuing, “Has it really felt that way?” she was despondent.

“Yes” Sarah mumbled, suddenly feeling as if she’d just told her mother she hated her.

“Now Great-Grand-Moyther,” the man put an arm around the woman. “We can’t help the way HE did things. She’s in our care now.”

The woman brightened, “Very true.”

“HE?” Sarah asked, she was now completely bewildered.

“Why The God of your world,” the Great-Grand-Moyther began but the man interrupted her.

“We haven’t time to explain Great-Grand-Moyther.”

The woman sighed. “Of course, you are right Great-Grand-Fayther.” She stepped forward, suddenly a more imposing figure. She placed her hands on Sarah’s shoulders. Sarah’s body shivered.

“Go back into life for your time has not come, there is still much for you to do.” The Great-Grand-Moyther’s voice echoed around the Grove.

The Great-Grand-Fayther lay his hands upon Sarah’s head.

“GO” they said in unison.

Sarah suddenly felt very, very small. She was thrust down; down into the dark spring. She went with such force that she couldn’t even scream.

The End

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