Amber Waves of Pain

Blackness was all that surrounded her. Pain was all she felt, but Sarah couldn’t scream. All she could do was think and even that was hard. Think, think, she told herself as she tried to break through the pain.

‘Where am I?’ she queried.

In your sub-conscious, a little voice replied.

‘No really?’ she shot back sarcastically.

She’d been attacked, Jason had appeared, and now a knife was lodged in her back. Or had it been taken out? Sarah cringed as a new wave of pain crashed into her.

‘So where am I?’ she asked herself as soon as she could think again.

I don’t know, the little voice replied.

The pain had brought a change to the blackness. It was lighter and Sarah felt a sensation of floating. She remembered Jay screaming to the Gods.

‘Am I dead?’ she wondered

Another wave of pain washed over her. Then another and another, until Sarah was sure she was drowning in them. And then they stopped.

‘Where am I?’ Sarah asked as she slowly picked herself up.

The little voice didn’t answer.

She stood amidst amber waves of grain that swayed in the breeze. They towered above her and Sarah was reminded of the time she’d gotten lost in the wheat field on the farm.

‘Hello?’ she called out.

Her voice echoed back to her eerily.

‘Find the rows,’ she told herself.

Sarah looked down as she stepped this way and that trying to find an ordered row. She jumped up trying to see over the grain, but she couldn’t jump quite high enough. Sarah began to walk forward, carefully placing one foot in front of the other.

‘Go in a straight line and you’ll eventually get out,’ she repeated her father’s advice.

She stopped. She felt as though she’d walked forever, but hadn’t moved a foot.

‘Okay,’ she told herself, ‘stay calm.’

She started walking again.

‘I’m either in a crazy dream, a coma, or I’m dying. Not like I shouldn’t be dead anyway.’

Tears began to fall from her eyes.

‘This is just what I get for trying to live in my imagination isn’t it?’

Sarah collapsed. Her tears had created an ocean. Waves of pain again crashed against her, forcing her forward.

“Why?” she screamed between the waves.

“Why?” she cried.

 “Why,” she whispered.

Every time she found something to live for it was taken away. And now, now, she was certain she was dying.

“Wh…” but her cry was turned to a scream as intense pain ripped through her whole body.

The world flashed black then white.

The End

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