From Darkness to Light

Darkness surrounded her and Sarah felt the pain wash over her in waves.

“Not again,” she moaned having a distinct feeling of déjà vu.

Sarah felt herself jerk into motion.

“Alright,” she concentrated through the pain, “can I just skip to the Gods in the Grove.”

Her body twitched as she fought the pain, darkness and a headache.

Smith keeps twitching, Sarah heard a far away sounding voice say. It sounded like, Aaron, but she couldn't be sure.

Well then carry her carefully! another one joined in, unmistakably sounding like Prince Theodoso.

What were they doing in here? Or were they out there? Sarah struggled to open her eyes. It was still dark. She was still in motion.


Did Smith just say something? This time it was Reed’s voice that came through.

Sarah fought to move, sit up, anything. Nothing wanted to respond. Sarah let loose a string of curses.

I definitely heard something, Adam stated.

Sarah continued her struggle, trying desperately to get out of the cocoon she was in. At last with sheer will power she managed to move her fingers. They clawed at something soft. Motion stopped and Sarah felt her body drop slowly.

Check Smith as we rest, Sergeant Deer’s voice came though, I still don’t know why you are insisting on bringing her with us Your Highness. It is slowing us down.

Suddenly bright light seared her eyes. She quickly closed them as her arm didn’t want to respond to her command to shield her eyes. Sarah squinted trying to bring the image befor her into focus.

Holy Mother of Willows Reed exclaimed as Sarah suddenly rolled over to empty the contents of her stomach.

“Water,” she whispered hoarsely as she rolled back onto the stretcher, “I need water.”

Three canteens were held out to her. Sarah grabbed the nearest one and drank its contents.  She held the last mouthful for a moment before swallowing it. Prince Theodoso knelt beside her. His face was a little fuzzy. He exchanged her empty canteen for a full one.

“Thanks,” Sarah muttered as she drank more slowly this time. “Your highness,” she gave him a weak smile.

Smith lives, the Prince stated standing up.

Sarah could vaguely see Sergeant Deer looking at her. By the Gods, he seemed to struggle for the next words, Smith is alive. You were right Your Highness.

“Glad to be too,” Sarah stated. “Though I don’t think I’ll be able to...” but before she could finish she passed out.

Sarah faded in an out of consciousness for the rest of that day. She threw up twice more and drank four more canteens of water. Her stretcher was passed between all the Scouts and Hopefuls left but she hadn’t the mind to figure out how many and who had survived. At least they had won, she thought. Their voices continued to sound faded for which she was thankful, given the pounding headache she had.

The End

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