Wolf among the DragonsMature

 'Why would I care to hear anymore of your lies!' he said willing himself to push the door open and not look back, but something kept him pinned in place.

'Hear all we have to say and then judge for yourself young man,' said Harrad spinning to look towards the door. Something deep in Tywin's heart unlatched his hand from the door and made him walk down the left hand isle, gently sitting himself into the closest pew Harrad smiled slightly. 'Thank you,'

'Speak!' barked Tywin. Cannis reached for his sword but the red wolf girl waved him down.

'When my brothers died Caitlin was older than me, she was set to inherit the Fang but she was grief stricken and confused. She forsook the Great Hunter as a god because she couldn't understand why the hunters would let four of her elder brothers be killed all in one day. We argued, she took our fathers great sword from out mother and threw it across the wolf hall then she left.' Tywin felt the tears gathering in his eyes as he spoke. Nana...I...I barely knew you. 'We heard nothing from her for well over a year, then came a raven, she wrote to me saying how the king had found the Phoenix Knight, a tiny babe no more than three months old and told her to raise him. She had gone to Jade Isle, taken her vows as a Matriarch before her new Sibling Gods. On her death bed my mother disowned her as her child...a proud witch she was, foolish old crone. But she was still my sister, I still loved her.'

'You were raised by my aunt Tywin,' said Cannis softly. 'That makes you family by our laws.'

'I am not your family!' he said slowly, each word dripping with rage. 'So she was your sister, so what!'

'So we didn't kill her,' Harrad locked eyes with him somehow, something stirred within his chest as he stared at the old blind bastard. Nana's eyes were gray...just like these peoples...he felt a tear roll down his face.

'No! You did! I saw the men I killed the men! Northmen with tattoos and beards and axes! They held her in front of me helpless and slit her throat as I watched! Do not tell me you didn't kill her!'

'Tywin...' spoke a deep voice from the doorway. Rickard Thunderson stood in the chapel doorway, a sad express on his face, his voice usually soft. Tywin stood, backing away into the corner.

'You! You betrayed me you bastard!'

'No boy...he brought you home,' said Harrad softly. 'He tried once before many summers ago.'

'What?' breathed Tywin. 'I've...I never saw you before we sailed from Valaria.'

'Ano’ young one...but I'd seen you. Caitlin came to me the night before she died, with 'er friend. Ser Roder?'

'RODRICK!' he yelled. His head pounded.

'Ser Rodrick! That's it...' he said taking small steps towards him up the isle. 'We were friends your Nana and me see...Lord Harrad sent me to keep an eye on you two...keep you safe. Caitlin came to me one night all scared an' worried, sayin' you needed to get off Jade Isle but she wouldn't say why...I arranged for four of my best men to meet 'er at sunup. The next thing I heard she was dead and the king had you locked away in 'is tower. My men never came back,'

'Because I killed them!'

'No son...I found their bodies down a dark alley in the slums...throats cut. But one held somethin' in 'is 'and. Took me ages to pull it out but I got it...Tywin it was a piece of red cloak...with a black dragons head.' tears flew down his face as he slid down the wall.

'No...he wouldn't...' Wouldn't he? Asked another voice in his head. He paraded the women and children you spared in his square and killed them...you really think he wouldn't kill Nana? Somehow he was taken back there; axe in hand watching as they drew the blade across her throat...then the king came. Exactly, the king himself...when was he ever near your tower? Said the strong part of his brain. But they were northmen...they had tattoos... pleaded the weaker. Yes, so do prison inmates...cheap assassins, cheaper to kill; no one ever comes looking for them. Kill the boy and you'll go free...then he came and killed them so they could never speak the truth. 'He killed her...He killed her...'

'I'm sorry Tywin,' said Harrad as a small tear ran down his own face. 'You're one of us...raised by the north...we need you.'

'No! No!' he said rage boiling over him. Standing he strode the length of the small chapel.

'Where are you going?' asked Cannis.

'To Valaria I'm going to rip his head off and put in on a spike on top his own city gates.'

'You're the Phoenix Knight...you're meant to do good, not spread evil,' said Harrad calmly standing, turning in his general direction.


'What is it that makes a knight? The title in front of his name or the way he acts? The way he treats those around him? I know you Tywin, when you tried to take Mammoth Keep we heard what you shouted to your men! You are only a knight by the way you act Tywin! Going to kill the king will not bring Caitlin back and would likely kill you in the process, stand with us! Help us rouse the other Ilse's to war! The might of the Royal Army has crushed stronger people than you in its time son...' Tywin stopped in front of Rickard when he wouldn't move out of his way.

'Stand aside captain!' he hissed under his breath.

'Tywin you're a good man, I have other things to tell you...'

'I don't want to here anymore from you old man!' Pushing Rickard in the chest the large captain spun to grab his arm but as soon as he wrapped his callused hands around his wrist he let go with a yelp. Kicking the door open so hard it nearly flew from its hinges Tywin stormed out, he just heard the Lone Wolf say 'Let him go...he'll come back.' The hell I will you stupid, blind old fool! Baelor killed Nana...all these years...I fought for him...killed for him! Called him father and he killed Nana! The bastard!  Yelling in the middle of the winding street on the Fang people shot into the nearest buildings, mothers clutched their children close so he didn't harm them. He wanted to hit something, kill something. So finding nothing else just punched the closest wall, pounding his fists into a stone column, knocking huge chunks from it, his knuckles cracked and bled but he didn't care. With another scream he set back off through the Fang.

Rage burning inside of him like some godforsaken drug he soon found himself out in the wastes beyond the city. He didn't even know where he was going, he just had to walk, burn off the rage. He figured he could hire a ship from Black Reach; Corpor had his armour...that would fetch enough for a sword and a ship to Jade Isle...then on to Valaria to kill the king. But you're a knight! Knights can't kill the king they swore to protect. A small part of him said in his head. 'He never made me a knight...I never swore and oath before him.' But you're thee Phoenix Knight. 'I never asked to be! I never wanted this! I don't care if I burn in the Fire Lands for ever I'll kill him!' The further he walked the deeper the snow got, and soon the wind picked up, a storm was coming. 'I don't like being followed!' he shouted as he pushed his way through waist deep snow. Turning he saw the red wolf girl wading through the snow a few feet behind him. Shivering like a knew born lamb, teeth chattering together. 'What are you doing?'

'I've c...c...come to get yo...you.' she stammered through chattering teeth.

'You're insane.' he said taking a few more steps forward, she did too. 'Go home!'

'Not...w...w...w...without y...y...you.' Pausing he turned to her quickly.

'What is it you want from me? Huh? My sword? My powers? My home? What is it?!' he bellowed so loudly she jumped, or it might have just been a violent shiver.

'I don't want any....a...anything. We just w...want you...' Lies

'Go home little Red Wolf, go back to your family and plan your little rebellion.' she stared into his eyes defiantly.

'Y...y...you can't go on, you'll....you'll f...f...f...freeze.'

'One of the very many advantages of being me, I don't get cold...unlike you go home!' Turning he started on his journey once again.

'Y...y...you might not be able to feel...f...feel it. But I do...I'll follow you u...u...until I freeze to d...d...death.' turning back to look at her he saw the conviction in her eyes. She really will.


'Because...w...w...w...we both want the s...s...same thing. The king took things from me t...too. C...c..come back with me...p...p...p...please...we n...n...n...need you.' Go with her. A voice said on the wind, or was it his own voice?

'Argh!' he spat running his hands through his hair. You can't let her die. 'Damn you woman! We'll not outrun this storm...I saw a cave system a few miles back we'll find shelter there.' And when you fall asleep I'll leave. The Red Wolf just nodded before turning clumsily, starting to make her way through the snow. 'Come on,' he said picking her up in his arms.

'I can walk w...w...without you.' she said struggling in his grip but he held firm.

'Hey...hey!' he said shaking her until she looked at him. 'You can barely feel your legs, don’t lie! This is easier for both of us and means you’re less likely to lose a toe or foot to the frost.' Her deep azure eyes stared at him for a long time, and he stared back, unable to tear his gaze away from her. Eventually she nodded and put her head on his chest to keep it from the wind. But after about another hour of retracing his steps that didn't help, the snow whipped around them both like arrows. He could hardly see three feet ahead of them but somehow they found the cave. It was just a hole in the earth then went about thirty feet down. Snatching a dry dead bush outside the entrance he slid inside, ducking to fit through the tiny gap. It was damp with a thin sheet of ice covering the floor making it a trouble to walk through but eventually he managed to get them deep enough inside not to feel the harsh bite of the storm.

The End

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