The next day at school is very strange. Dad had warned me about the extra powers, but I didn’t quite think it would be like this. I can hear the heartbeats of everyone, and I can hear them breathe too. I had learned that from last night, but I what I didn’t have the power to do last night was, hearing people’s thoughts.

In Law class, Ms. Claws (Ms. Caldor) had asked a question, and thought the answer just before calling my name. I hesitated when I had thought she had answered it for me, but then I repeated it to hear her voice though her lips didn’t move.

By lunch, I was getting a headache, by hearing very stupid monologues in other people’s heads. “How was your morning,” Alice asks smiling when we leave class.

“I don’t know yet,” I say slowly hearing a guy thinking way too hard about asking me out.

“You seem distracted,” she says looking over at me. “Ms. Caldor called you a few times because you looked like you were totally spaced out.”

“Yeah,” I say nodding slowly. “I was a little bit.”

“What about,” she asks.

“I can read minds,” I mutter.

“Is she serious?”

 “Yes, pretty serious,” I say.

“Wow, you do,” she says.

“Ugh, but I don’t even know if you are or not, unless I hear your words but don’t see your lips moving,” I say. “Even in class, Ms. Caldor answered her own question and then I’d look at her like she was the dumb one, just to realize that she was having her own little conversation in her head.”

Alice laughs hysterically as we walk down the stairs of the front lobby carrying our book bags. Willis and Mason stand by the cafeteria doors waiting for us. Willis was a pretty quiet kind of guy, even with Mason, he seemed to just listen while Mason talks.

“Hey, does Willis talk,” I ask.

“Ugh, yeah, sometimes,” Alice smirks. “He’s pretty shy… especially around girls.”

“Oh,” I say. “I wonder why that is.”

Alice smirks, “Why don’t you ask him? When you two are alone.”

“Yeah sure,” I smirk. She laughs.

Mason and Willis open the double doors for us as we greet them. They lead the way to the stage and we all huddle around while the other students whisper about us.

“How did she get into their group so quickly? It must be because “their all the children of the founding fathers…”

“She’s pretty hot actually, I think I have a better chance than Paul.”

To be honest, any guy has a better chance than Paul.

I try to concentrate to listen in on Willis’ thoughts but instead I see beautiful sketches of paintings. I gasp softly and he meets my eye. He looks away and the others are asking me what’s wrong.

“I… It’s nothing,” I say quietly. Alice takes the time out just then to fill Mason and Willis on my new attained ability. Willis looks my way again and I nod once. “It looks beautiful,” I say quietly.

His face turns a beautiful crimson red and I look away just as Alice notices it.

“Willis are you okay,” she asks.

He clears his throat and nods, walking away. When Alice turns away, he glances at me. I avoid his eyes, not wanting to make him feel embarrassed. Soon he leaves just before Alice says she’ll be right back. She had to buy her lunch. Mason and I are the only two. He smiles and we sit together.

‘Oh my gosh! Out of all the sexiest guys in the group, she just had to pick Mason?’

“I heard you had a fan club,” I smirk.

He laughs, “You must be eavesdropping on the members now then.”

“You can say that,” I shrug slyly.

“Are you a member,” he asks looking at one girl in particular as she blushes under his watchful gaze.

“Who me,” I ask. “Mmm, I’ll have to say no, though you are far sexier than Paul to me.”

“Thanks,” he smiles. “That’s saying a lot.”

“For example,” I ask, pressing him.

“For example,” he smirks. “I have a better chance with you than he does.”

“Any guy has a better chance than him,” I smirk. “But keep it a secret, he’s far too entertaining to stop him now.”

“Since the first time we saw you sitting under that tree, I knew he was gonna try damn hard to get you,” Mason says thoughtfully.

“He can try all he wants,” I say.

“So if I don’t even have a chance, then who’s before me,” he asks curious.

I laugh, “I didn’t say that you didn’t have a chance, you just have a better chance.”

“So you left behind an ex,” he asks. I shake my head smiling. He continues to guess for a while, until I notice Alice talking to some pretty strawberry blonde girl who walks with her as they come closer.

“I promised myself that I will focus on training,” I smile slowly. “I mean… I was just told about what… We do, and… I like it, the thought of protecting others… A number of others. I feel more like a superhero than just your average hero.”

He smiles warmly, “I can’t wait for you to be a part of the team.”

“Wait, I’m not a part of the team now,” I ask, confused.

He smirks, “You’ll see soon.”

“Ray, this is Karen,” Alice smiles. “Karen this is Rayven.”

“Hi Mason,” Karen smiles after giving me a once over. He smiles easily at her and they start talking, Alice steers me away from them as she links arms with me.

“Let’s go outside for a second,” she smiles.

We go to the tree that I used to sit under and, sit down. She smiles, “So… Mason just told me that I’m not really a part of the team, so when am I going to be a part of the team?”

“After your Debut party,” she smiles.

“Don’t tell me it’s like those rich people and their fancy parties,” I say shaking my head.

“Fine I won’t tell you, but you’ll still have to go,” she smirks.

I groan and then sigh, “Alright spill. All details and don’t leave anything out please.”

“Hmmm, where should I start,” she asks deviously.

“The beginning of course,” I say.

She laughs and then smiles, “Okay… In the beginning, with the five founding fathers…”

“Yes that would be a great way to start,” I say with a nod.

She smirks and continues, “The five fathers were searching for land for their families and friends to move to. Where they were residing before was on the other side of the mountain, where the rain either drowned their crops or the sun dried them out. Nothing was what they were looking for.

“Dr. Gregg Hamilton was a crazy scientist. Everyone in town knew it, but his best friends didn’t think he was weird because most of his experiments worked out well.”

“Was this a science experiment gone wrong,” I ask confused.

“Not necessarily wrong,” she says slowly.

“So they intentionally became half animals,” I ask quietly.

“When they started the experiment… It wasn’t to be half animal, but to be strong like these animals. They killed the five animals, and gave a founding father a sample of a blood type. Hamilton’s are the wolves, Bordeaux’s are the bears, Preston’s are cats, originally the mountain lion, Wellesley’s were the beavers and Bennett’s were the birds.

“It didn’t take long for Bradley Bennett to fly and find good land. As soon as he found something substantial, Aaron Wellesley started with the land, preparing it for harvest. It wasn’t hard for the Phillip Bordeaux and Troy Preston to start on building roads while Gregg Hamilton was starting with the houses with Brad Bennett.

“Phillip Bordeaux was chosen as the head of the group, because he was a better public speaker though the group of friends had thought that Brad Bennett was more appropriate for leading others,” Alice says.

“So… Why do we have to wait at night to change,” I ask.

“Because… People are less likely to see our true form if it’s just the trick of the night’s light, where as in broad day light, you can’t tell someone that they didn’t see what they say. You can only call so many people crazy,” she muses.

I laugh at this and she smiles. I nod, “So what’s the debut party about?”

“Well, back then the founding fathers would have a debut party, for their children, to add them to the team. It was like a group pledging to fight crimes,” she smirks. “When the debutant was of the age of maturity, they were taught how to alter, and their parent would teach them the trades of their skills,” she says. “We are the fourth generation,” she informs me.

“So this is still a small town,” I remark.

“Yep,” she laughs.

We stand up realizing the bell was going to ring for classes to commence. We start walking to the front doors when Willis opens the door. “May I walk you to class please,” he asks quietly, just above a whisper.

Alice glances at me and then smiles, “Sure, I’ll be going now.”

She slips past him and he continues to hold the door open for me. “Thanks,” I say quietly. We walk in silence. I have a spare right now, but I don’t know if he has a class.

We walk in silence as we watch students rush to class. He takes a seat by the back benches and I sit down next to him, allowing enough space in between us just in case… of something, I don’t know.

He stares down at his hands for a very long time. “You can see my thoughts,” he states after the silence. He slowly looks up to see my reaction, I am calm and collected.

“Yes,” I nod.

He nods, “And… What did you see… exactly?” He whispers still, so I have to strain my ears to hear.

“I think… I think you know what I saw,” I say quietly.

“That’s the thing… I don’t,” he grunts. “When I think, I see… darkness and other times I just see water,” he says quietly, sadly.

“I see… I see a lot of things, it’s like beautiful art,” I say slowly. “I saw colorful sketches in your head, paintings, drawings,” I say slowly. “How can you not see them?”

He shrugs slowly, “My father… Shut my mind off when I was young…”

“How can he do that,” I ask confused.

He chuckles, “That’s the funny part… I have a photographic memory.”

I gasp, “So what if… I’m seeing all the paintings you see?”

He pauses, before shaking his head, “It’s been years since I even really looked at art… My father didn’t want me to be an artist, it was a girl’s dream… A man’s dream is to take responsibility of a few stores and become my own manager,” he says shaking his head.

“But you still can do both,” I say with a shrug. “You can be a manager, so then you’ll have more time to start up a local gallery. You can even do art shows,” I inform him. “Everybody loves art. I love art, I could walk through an art gallery for hours, and museums are wonderful too.”

He smiles, “Honestly speaking… I thought as soon as you met our group… You would be head over heels with Paul.”

“Why does everyone think that,” I ask confused.

“All girls think he’s hot,” he says with a slight frown.

“I don’t,” I say shaking my head. “You are much better than him,” I say.

He chuckles, “You’re just saying that.”

“Nope, I like green eyes better than blue,” I shrug. “Plus that whole Hitler blue eyed blonde hair thing kinda had me thinking it wasn’t the ideal way to go,” I smirk. Willis laughs a genuine laugh that is loud and booming.

The End

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