School goes by quickly. Frank and Alice were starting to prepare for the day in court, while I researched things on what judge’s actually say in court.

I smile seeing Roger waiting in his usual spot by the back doors. He stands by the door and when he sees me he opens it. “Hey,” I smile.

“Good afternoon Princess, how was school,” he asks smiling.

“Great, I have a whole group of friends now,” I smile.

“That’s wonderful,” he says, trying to sound like an old butler.

“That accent does not suite you Roger,” I smirk.

He laughs and closes the door after I slide in.

Traffic on school grounds is slow so it takes a while to get out of there, but finally when we get home, I thank him running inside to see if Dad is home.

“Dad,” I call.

“In my office,” he calls back chuckling.

I smile running up the four steps and turn to the left. His office’s French doors are opened. I smile seeing him standing in front of the three huge windows. “How was school,” he asks smiling when I hug him.

“Great,” I smile. “I have a few questions to ask you though.”

He takes a seat on his very comfortable lounge chair. “Go ahead, ask me anything,” he smirks.

“What’s the Elite, really,” I ask.

He pauses, “The Elite?”

“Yes,” I say. “Don’t act like you don’t know. I saw that look.”

He pauses and tells me to sit down. “Did they approach you or you approached them?”

“They approached me,” I say. “They told me to meet them in the cafeteria, but they ended up picking me up from my class,” I say slowly. “What is it all about,” I ask.

“When’s your first meeting,” he asks quietly.

“Tonight,” I say after a pause. Tonight I was meeting them.

“Where,” he asks.

I pause, “I don’t know. They just said that we’ll meet tonight.”

He nods, “You’re being initiated… Into the Elite group.”

“But what is it,” I ask.

“Well… It’s pretty much the children of the founding fathers… In a secret group. They usually don’t hang out so that nobody really knows they are close. But because these are the families that started the town, we do secret missions, and help the community.”

“But I don’t understand,” I say quietly. “That’s pretty much the same thing that Paul said, and it still sounds vague,” I accuse him.

He chuckles, but there was no humor behind it. He sighs, “Let’s go outside, I think it would be easier to explain that way.”

I nod and he leads me out the side door. We stand in our huge backyard. The trees at the back of our land looks dark and deserted. He leads me that way though. I look up at him but his eyes are trained on the forest.

Once we reach the forest, I noticed the grass is darker here, not a good dark either. I can’t explain it but the wood even looks a little dark grey. “The founding fathers… They weren’t… fully human,” he says quietly.

I am silent, looking at my father with wide eyes. He looks down at me and smiles slowly. He sits on a log and pats the place next to him. I sit down too but only because my legs were starting to tremble. “What… What are you saying,” I ask quietly.

“The Hamilton’s were wolves, they had huge canine teeth and being doctor’s they were never questioned about their teeth being bigger than most. The Preston’s… Well the Preston’s are usually cheetahs or lions… A cat pretty much that walks with grace.”

“What about the Bennett’s,” I whisper.

He ignores my question as he continues. “Wellesley’s are beavers, able to make dams and forts and cut down trees,” he says quietly. “Bordeaux’s… They are bears.”

“And us,” I whisper.

“We are birds,” he whispers.

“What are you,” I ask quietly.

“An Eagle,” he says looking down at his hands.

I am quiet, “What am I?”

He chuckles, “Well… I don’t know yet. I usually make sure you are home after dark.”

“You mean… Natalie had asked me if I go out at night… If I did… I’d be a bird,” I ask quietly.

“No,” he smiles. “But you can change into a bird.”

“So I can’t change into a bird now,” I ask.

“I can,” he smiles, “Because I know how to, but you’ll learn how to change into a bird at night. It’s much easier, and then you get used to shape shifting that you can do it night or day, but because of the small town, it’s better if you do it only at night.”

“Oh,” I say quietly.

“You don’t believe it, do you,” he chuckles.

“I don’t think you’d lie to me, so I have no choice but to believe it,” I say quietly. “But can I see your wings,” I ask quietly.

He smiles, “Okay, but we have to go farther into the woods so nobody sees.”

I nod and we stand up. We continue walking and then I see it slowly sprouting out of his back. I gasp, pressing my hand to my mouth so I won’t scream.

“Dad,” I say with a shaky voice. He puts them away and hugs me.

“I’m sorry,” he sighs heavily.

“Did Mom know,” I ask quietly.

“Yes,” he nods firmly. “I took her up into the sky many times when we lived here.” He is silent for a moment. “Um… Tomorrow, Ray you might feel very… different.”

“How so,” I ask quietly.

“Don’t freak out on me, but… I think you might be a powerful bird,” he says quietly. “Tomorrow you’ll get… a few added… powers.”

“What do you think I’ll be,” I ask looking up at the forest.

He is silent for a moment. “A falcon… Or a phoenix.”

“A phoenix, you mean…”

“Fire,” he says quietly.

I am silent for a moment, “What sort of powers do you have?”

He chuckles, “Lightning.”

“Are you serious,” I squeak.

He laughs now, “Eagles fly through any sort of weather.”

“So… what else can you do,” I ask.

He smirks, “I can find people just by hearing their voice.”

“Bionic hearing,” I ask.

He laughs, “Something like that.”

“I hope I’m a falcon,” I say.

“Why, a phoenix when injured sheds their skin and is reborn practically,” he says.

I am quiet for a moment, so he is too. “I have one more question,” I say quietly.

“Go ahead,” he says.

“If we are protecting the community, and going on missions,” I ask quietly. “Who are we protecting the community from?”

The End

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