Dad is home when I leave for school in the morning. He was still asleep, in his huge bed, so I tiptoed out of his room to let him rest. I smile as I greet Yvonne and Roger in the kitchen, “Good morning.”

“Good morning Princess,” Roger smiles. I roll my eyes and he chuckles.

“Thank you for the red velvet cake,” I smile. “It tasted amazing.”

“Your welcome dear,” Yvonne smiles. “Now eat your breakfast up before you go.”

I take a seat on a high kitchen stool, as she slides a plate of homemade waffles and fruit in front of me. Roger had finished his breakfast and was now nursing a warm mug of coffee. Yvonne pours me a glass of orange juice, setting it in front of me.

“Thank you,” I say quietly as I begin to eat my breakfast.

“I’m stuffed,” I say ten minutes later.

They both chuckle and Yvonne slides the plate away while Roger picks up my school book bag. “Time to go then,” he says.

He leads the way, still carrying my bag until we reach the car. “What car is this,” I ask.

He smirks, “It’s a Rolls Royce.”

“Is it a very expensive car,” I ask.

He laughs at my question, “Yes… a very expensive car.”

“Is it really necessary for me to be driven in such an expensive car,” I ask.

“Yes, it is very necessary—”

“Roger,” I say with a frown.

He smirks, “It is necessary Princess. Bullet proof, very strong tires that even if you shoot at ‘em they won’t make you spin out,” he says. “And the windows are non-destructible.”

“Why is all that necessary,” I ask confused.

“Your father’s job is very important,” he informs me slowly. “He is a close friend to the president.”

“The president,” I ask. “My dad?”

Roger laughs, “Yes Princess. Enough of that though, I must get you to school now.”

“I have one more question,” I say looking at the car.

“Go ahead,” he smiles.

“Do bullets come out from the grill,” I ask.

He laughs, shaking his head, not even able to answer me. He opens my door, “You have quite the imagination.”

I don’t say anything this time as I slip into the backseats of my own personal 007 car. Roger drives, getting me to the parking lot five minutes before the bell was to ring. “Thank you Roger,” I say, slipping past him and rushing to get to my locker to see Alice there waiting for me.

Dad’s words about Preston’s beauty comes to mind when she smiles warmly at me. “Hey Ray,” she smiles genuinely at me.

“Hey,” I smile standing at my locker.

“What lunch do you have today,” she asks.

“Third,” I say.

She nods, “Me too. Meet me in the cafeteria at lunch.”

“Okay, sure,” I say.

She nods and leaves when the warning bell rings. I rush to lock my locker and run to class.

English class is boring. Mr. Cortez, my English teacher seems happy today. Since the school year began, he has been sitting down at his desk, as he taught. Today is the first time I’ve seen him standing on his two feet.

“Take your seats class,” he says with a small twitch of his lips.

Plenty of students hesitate before rushing to their seats. Something big is coming. The room falls silent and he walks down the first aisle to the back of the room and then back to the white board. “The English department has come up with an interesting project that will be worth 40% of your mark,” he says. He picks up a stack of thick booklets and distributes it to every student. When he hands me mine, I pause seeing Shakespeare’s name.

‘Please don’t tell me we’re gonna have to do a play!’

“These are scripts,” he smiles proudly seeing the distress on some students’ face. I hide my fear well as I flip through the pages, as if not at all interested. “All four of the English classes will be combined,” he says. “This year will be our first annual school play,” he smiles.

A tall lanky guy in the front seat raises his hand. “Yes John,” Mr. Cortez says.

“Is it mandatory,” he asks.

Mr. Cortez pauses, “I’ll make it fair. It’s either the play or you must hand in all English essays and papers from chapters one to eight.”

“All the questions in the textbook,” John asks scared.

“Yes,” Mr. Cortez nods. “Or you can go the easy route and learn it all through studying the script and performing for your family at Christmas time.”

It is quiet all around. “Or would you rather take a vote,” Mr. Cortez asks. “Do it the educational way and study English as if it was History… Or get a better understanding of the old language by speaking it?”

Though the play won out, there were a few people that didn’t vote. “For the individuals that would still like to learn the good old fashioned way with paper and pencil, you can talk to me after class,” he says sincerely.

A guy in the back raises his hand. “Yes Adam,” Mr. Cortez says.

“May we please do something other than Romeo and Juliet? I mean… Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays, but the most famous ones are the ones that are being overused.”

“Which one do you suggest we do,” Mr. Cortez asks.

“Othello,” he suggests.

“But that’s a tragedy just like the others,” a girl close the window speaks up. “How about a comedy? Like ‘All’s Well That Ends Well?’”

“Tomorrow we will vote for the play, there will be a top hat on my desk, drop your suggestions in at the beginning of class. The day after tomorrow we will announce the play,” he says. “Class is dismissed.”

Everyone leaves quickly. I don’t see Alice or Natalie so I continue walking to Math class.

 “Ray,” I hear someone calling my name.

I glance over my shoulder to see Paul whizzing past everyone to come talk to me. “Hi, Paul,” I say civilly.

“Hey, you gonna sit with us in the cafeteria,” he asks.

“Ugh, I’m actually sitting with Alice,” I say.

“Great,” he nods smiling. “I’ll see you then.” He leaves before I can clear it up. I shake my head and walk into my math class.

A substitute teacher walks in just as I take my seat. Students all around me groan as she closes the door,

“Hi I’m Ms. Emery. I’m a teacher here so don’t try and leave the class because I’ll find you,” she smirks.

She hands out the math worksheets and then sits behind the desk. “If you need help come up and ask me,” she says, dismissing us so we can do our work. “You get bonus marks if you finish it before class,” she says. “So if you finish you can go early.”

I pull out my calculator and smile as I pretty much find the answer with my calculator. I write down the steps.

I’m almost done when the second lunch bell rings to begin. I smile seeing I had only six more questions. I go through the questions, easily and stand up to walk to the front of the class.

“Need help,” she asks.

“No, I’m finished,” I say.

“What,” a guy in the back asks.

Ms. Emery looks through my worksheets and nods, “Awesome, you did perfect. Enjoy lunch.”

“Thanks,” I smile, walking back to my seat to pack up all of my things. I leave the classroom to see Natalie and Alice waiting outside my door for me.

“Hey,” Alice smiles. “Ditching class?”

“No, I finished early, where are we going?” I ask.

“To meet the others in the cafeteria,” Natalie says slowly.

Alice seems excited as we walk down the hallways and the stairs to the front of the school. A tall football player opens the door for us seeing us coming. He smiles, “Hey Alice. Hey Natalie.” The two say hi as they walk passed. “And what’s your name, Beauty?”

“Nope, it’s Rayven,” I say.

“I’m gonna call you Ray,” he smiles.

“Everyone else does,” I nod trying to hold my laugh in. He nods and I slip passed him.

Natalie and Alice had been waiting for me. I follow behind them now as we walk farther into the cafeteria. So far, I haven’t been in here. I brought my lunches most of the time and outside in the sunshine was better than a stuffy room with too many people staring at me.

People stare and whisper even now as we walk down the long aisle with tables on both sides of us, to the very last table. We turn to the right, and huddled on the stage of the cafeteria, are a group of people. Paul and Frank are there too.

“Hey, you got here early,” Frank smirks.

“Hey,” I say.

“Yo, this is Ray,” Frank says. “Rayven, this is Willis, Mason, Amber and Amy.” Amber and Amy are twin blondes while Willis has long dark curly hair. Mason is pretty hot, with dark brown hair and green cat eyes.

They all nod, saying hi. “You ready to go,” Paul asks the group. They all stand up and we all walk outside to the courtyard. I didn’t really like this area so much it was so open and people from inside could see us all clearly. I usually ate by the oak tree just off to the side.

The girls sit down on the courtyard stone benches. So I take a seat too. Paul smiles, “Rayven… Our group is called the Elite.”

I look up at him, looking from one of the guys to the next. “So this is about the founding fathers thing?”

Paul smiles, “You’re pretty smart.” I give him a withering look and he smirks, “Yes.”

“I’m just going to take a wild guess and ask are you the Bordeaux,” I ask.

He smiles, “That’s right.”

I look at Willis. “Wellesley,” I say quietly. He smiles and gives a nod. I look at Frank, and smirk, “Hamilton.” I look at Mason now, “And you must be Preston.”

“Right,” Paul smirks. “And what about Natalie and the twins?”

I look at Natalie, “Wellesley. And the twins… Hamilton.”

“And you are the only Bennett,” Paul nods.

I nod slowly, “So what is the Elite really about? Do we just hang out because we are the children of the founding fathers?”

“No, we don’t necessarily hang out, but we meet secretly,” Mason says standing up.

“To do what,” I ask.

“Missions,” Paul answers.

“For our parents, for the community, but it has to be anonymous,” he says.

I nod slowly, but I really don’t get it.

“Have you been out at night…?” Natalie asks.

“No, not since I got here,” I shrug. “There’s nothing really to do here at night, I’ve noticed,” I say.

“Well… Tonight we will meet after dark,” Frank says excitedly. “It’ll be fun.”

“What will we do, everything will be closed,” I say slowly.

“Wait and see,” Paul says.


The End

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