It’s been two weeks since I moved to this awful small town. Two awful weeks at a boring old school. I sit in Photography class, taking my first written test. Good thing it’s all multiple choice. I go through it easily, before standing up and carrying it to the front of the empty classroom to the teacher, Ms. Avery.

“Great, Rayven, you’re free to go,” she smiles. “Remember that screenings are due next week,” she says with a genuine smile.

I thank her and leave the classroom. I stand outside the classroom, waiting until it opens again. Natalie smiles, closing the door behind her and walking over. “Ready to go,” she asks.

“Yep,” I nod.

The door opens as we start leaving. “Leaving without me,” I hear.

I roll my eyes to see Paul smiling as he catches up to us. Natalie frowns slightly, “Um… He bugged me, so I… I told him he could tag along. Sorry,” she says weakly.

I shake my head, “Sure, it’s fine. Let’s go.”

“Just to let you know I promised to be on my best behavior,” Paul smiles proudly at me.

“Noted,” I say.

“So where are we off to,” he asks smiling. “A big adventure?”

I roll my eyes, catching Natalie’s. I sigh shutting up. I know she’s liked him for a long time, I’ve been told. And though he’s annoying, I don’t want to mess up her chances with the guy she’s had a crush on for years, though I don’t understand why.

“Let’s go,” I say.

“Where are we going anyways,” Paul asks as we walk outside.

I stop, “We’re going out.”

“As in off school campus,” he asks with a smile.

“Yes, is there a problem,” I ask.

“In your limo car,” he asks.

“Yes,” I say.

“I’ve never seen a Rolls Royce limo car before,” he smiles as we walk towards the black car. I shrug, I only see it as a shiny black car.

Roger steps out and opens the door for us. He smiles happy to see that I had friends. They slide in and Roger slides the black glass door between us closed to give us privacy. Paul and Natalie sits on the other leather seat, and I sit on the one by myself.

They look around and Paul seems amazed. “Your father doesn’t have a limo car,” I ask.

“No,” he says. “This is a small town.”

“I’ve noticed,” I say.

“Is it true that your dad left here,” he asks.

I frown, “He didn’t leave me here. I know where he is.”

“That’s not what I meant,” he says.

“Then what did you mean to say? Because I’m starting to think your brain isn’t connected to your mouth,” I say.

He pauses, I hear Roger chuckle, “Be nice.”

I look out the window as Roger drives. “So you didn’t tell us where we are going,” Paul says.

“Roger do you have any duct tape up front with you,” I ask in a sugar sweet voice.

He laughs, “That’s not being nice Princess.”

“We’re going up to SmaelerVille,” Natalie says quietly to Paul. “Just relax before she kicks you out and makes you walk back.”

Roger chuckles, while Paul frowns, “Why SmaelerVille? It’s boring there.”

I give Natalie a pointed look. “We are going shopping Paul,” she says.

“That’s boring,” he grumbles.

“Nobody invited you,” I burst out. “Roger stop the car!”

“Yes Princess,” he says with a smirk.

“And stop calling me that,” I yell. He closes the door and opens ours. “You can go back to school Paul,” I say, dismissing him.

He frowns but after a few seconds he moves, leaving the car. Natalie looks sad but I shake my head. “You can go with him too,” I say quietly. “Since you’re helplessly in love with him.”

She looks up, “Really?”

“Roger can find his way around here now probably,” I say.

She slips out, “I hope we can be friends.”

I nod and Roger closes the door. Roger starts driving, “Home?”

“Yes please,” I say quietly.

It is quiet between us for a long time. “I know it’s hard making new friends, but… Natalie seems like a very nice girl.”

I sigh quietly, turning to look out the window. “Now I wish I was in a boarding school,” I say quietly.

“How come?” Roger asks with a frown.

I don’t answer him. So we sit in silence until he reaches home. He opens my door and I thank him before walking up the steps to the front door. I tap my passcode and open the door. The house is noisy, with laughter, chatter and the sound of music playing. I walk to the kitchen to see Yvonne, the pretty cook as she prepares a beautiful cake.

“What are you doing home so early,” she asks.

“I’m not feeling good,” I say sadly, sulking.

She frowns at me, but doesn’t say anything. “Go on up and I’ll bring you some good tea,” she says.

“Thank you Yvonne,” I say quietly as I leave. I walk up the back stairs to my bedroom. I pull the canopy curtains away and slide onto my silk blankets. My hair feels tight in a ponytail, I pull the scrunchie out and sigh as I massage my hair.

I feel Yvonne’s hands run through my hair slowly massaging my scalp. “How was school,” she asks.

“I had two tests today,” I say quietly.

“How do you think you did,” she asks.

“I don’t know,” I say quietly.

“I bet you did great,” she says quietly. “Perfect,” she smiles. It is quiet between us. “Did you make a friend?”

“Not really,” I say quietly, shaking my head. “I want to go to another school,” I say sadly.

“How come?” Yvonne asks with a frown.

I am quiet for a moment. I hated that Dad was almost never home. He promised he was changing, but there really hasn’t been any improvement. I lower my head and sigh sadly. “I don’t like it here,” I say sadly. “I’ve been here long enough to know that,” I say quietly. “But this is where my dad grew up, but he’s not even around either.”

“You want me to tell you a secret,” she asks quietly.

I look up at her with a slow smile, “What’s the secret?”

“Promise me you won’t tell…” She whispers.

I laugh seeing the excitement in Yvonne’s beautiful blue eyes. “Okay, I promise I won’t tell.”

“Your dad is coming home tonight,” she whispers close to my ear.

“Really?” I ask surprised.

“Yes,” she smiles. “He has found and trained someone to be his representative, so now he can work from his home,” she smiles. “Though sometimes he will have to go on a few of his trips, but at least he’s not working himself out like he has been.”

“That’s great news,” I smile.

“But you have to keep it a secret,” she smiles. “You can’t act as if you know.”

“How do you know,” I ask.

“He called this morning, just a little before noon, to ask me to make a cake,” she smiles. “Your favorite one,” she smiles.

“It’s Dad’s favorite too,” I smile slowly. Red velvet cake with a cream cheese icing. It was delicious and Yvonne made it even better than our old cook.

“Would you like to help me,” she asks.

“I wish I can, but I have a meeting with two classmates,” I say slowly.

“Will they be coming over here,” she asks.

“Yes, we probably might stay in the library,” I say.

“What kind of snacks would you like me to prepare,” she asks, with a brilliant smile.

I laugh shortly, “Um… Crackers and cheese?”

“Oh come on, that’s not a real snack,” she smirks. “I’ll have some nachos and cheese and a few things ready in a bit.”

“Thanks Yvonne,” I say. “Though you really don’t have to.”

“Too bad,” she smiles. “Go and get yourself ready in the library then. I’ll lead your friends to the library when they make it.”

“Their names are Alice and Frank,” I say.

She nods and I thank her before leaving to go to the quiet of the library. The books are still in boxes. I busy myself now, placing them on the specific shelf that is marked on the box.

“Wow you’re very specific,” I hear. I glance over my shoulder to see Frank, smiling at me.

“Hey,” I say straightening up. I smile at the boxes labelled, Fourth shelf Left to Right’. I shrug, “It’s all in alphabetical order,” I shrug.

He chuckles, “Are we working in here?”

“Yeah,” I nod. “It’s pretty much the quietest place in this house.”

He nods and smiles, “It’s a pretty cool house.”

I shrug, “From what I was told my great-great grandfather was pretty awesome with any tool in his hands.”

“Yes, he practically built this whole town,” he smiles.

I pause, “I never heard that before.”

He laughs, “Well, he did. The Bennett’s, Bordeaux’s, Hamilton’s, Preston’s and Wellesley’s are pretty much the founding fathers of the tri-cities.”

“Oh… How do you know so much about the history of the towns,” I ask.

He smiles, “I’m a Hamilton. Franklin E. Hamilton,” he smirks.

“What’s the E stand for,” I ask curious.

He smirks, “You don’t want to know, it just makes it sound worse.”

“Humor me,” I smirk.

He chuckles, “Edward. Franklin Edward Hamilton.”

“I’ve honestly heard worse,” I smirk. “But thanks for telling me.”

“And what about you Ray? What’s your middle name?”

“Not as bad as yours I have to say,” I smile. “Diamond is my middle name.”

He chuckles, “No, but clearly you’re one of the lucky ones.”

“Why do you say that,” I ask curious.

He smiles just as Alice walks in to the library. “Oh my gosh, this place looks awesome,” she says. “I got lost twice, sorry for being late.”

“No problem,” I smile. “So what should we start with? The cook Yvonne, is bringing us something to ed

“Great, I’m starving,” Frank says.

“Oh, I think she had been thinking nachos and cheese,” I say. “She can make a quick sub if you’d like.”

Just then the doors open and Yvonne smiles interrupting without hesitation. She wheels in the cart of food and smiles as she dismisses herself. Frank’s eyes are wide like the white saucers.

“Could we take a break,” he asks.

Alice and I giggle as he piles his plate before taking his seat. I gesture for Alice to take a plate and she places fruits, chips and some crackers on her plate before taking a seat.

I place fruits, cheese, crackers and chips on my plate and take my seat. “So what sort of ideas did you two have for the project,” Frank asks.

“I actually don’t know what we are supposed to do,” I admit. “Ms. Claws wasn’t able to print off a copy of the rubric and information sheet for me.”

Alice and Frank laughs at my nickname for the tall blonde lady that has four inch nails. Alice hands me the information sheet, printed on the back of the same sheet is the rubric. I thank her as I read through it. In a nut shell, we have to organise a trial. Jurors were going to be picked anonymously. There were three roles; the judge, the defendant and the plaintiff. The trial could be on anything we want.

“Okay… What do you have in mind,” I ask looking up at Alice.

“Um well, nothing really, just scattered thoughts,” she says.

“Throw them out there, and we can build it,” I shrug.

“Something slightly easy so that evidence wouldn’t be so hard to create,” Frank says.

Alice nods slowly, “Yes… How about a murder investigation? We can take pictures of red painted fingerprints on the wall.”

“Oh and just like on those cool games we can do those finger prints and ask our friends to be witnesses and question them on the stands,” Frank says excitedly.

I write down Murder. “What’s our story going to be?” I look up “Hmmm, something very dramatic?”

“Yes, a jealous wife,” Alice nods.

“Maybe… An old friend that’s been waiting for a chance at revenge,” Frank says.

“So that hidden ulterior motive thing,” I say writing their ideas on the sheet.

For the next few minutes we build our list of possible scenarios that would be good. I nod, smiling, “So now to pick one.”

They chuckle as we stand up to take a break, filling our plates again. We take our seats and vote until we come up with our scenario.

The End

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