“And how was your day Princess Ray,” Roger asks opening my door for me.

I stop and laugh, “Please don’t call me that. They’ll actually believe you,” I smirk.

He chuckles as I slide into the backseats. “You didn’t tell me how the rest of your day went,” he says after getting us out of the school’s parking lot.

“I don’t know… I think I made acquaintances,” I shrug. He laughs at this. “What’s so funny?”

“I never heard a teenager say they’ve made acquaintances,” he smirks. “They usually say, I think I met my best friend in the whole wide world.”

“Whole wide world,” I ask. “I think you’ve been chauffeuring elementary students,” I smirk.

He laughs, “Maybe you’re right. None of them are as grownup as you, Princess Ray.”

“You’ve had other clients,” I ask.

“No,” he chuckles. “I meant the people in the office,” he smirks.

“Oh wow,” I say, smiling slowly.

“What would you like to eat now,” Roger asks.

“Um, actually may you please stop at the grocery store,” I ask. “I wanna cook something tonight,” I say slowly.

He pauses, “I don’t think your father will be able to get away from the offices.”

“He went to work,” I ask.

He is quiet for a moment, “Yes… He was home till two in the afternoon.”

I nod, pressing my lips together for a moment. “What time should I expect him home?” Roger hesitates again. “Out of town,” I say slowly.

“Yes… I’m afraid so,” he says quietly.

It is quiet for a moment. “No matter… I’ll still rather have a cooked meal instead of fast food.” He nods and drives me straight to the grocery store. “Unlock my door please,” I say.

He hesitates, “I’m coming in with you, I hope you know.”

I am silent, “Unlock my door please.”

He parks the car and unlocks my door. He gets a cart and walks in after me, easily catching up with me with his long strides.

He takes the items from me, placing them in the cart. I continue walking and when I lead the way to the cashier register, he takes over and swipes a card. I frown at him but with the cashier ogling him, I don’t blow up, until I am in the car.

“I didn’t ask for you to pay,” I say furious.

“I didn’t,” he says. He turns in his seat and places an envelope on the leather seat next to me. He turns around and starts driving me home.

I don’t open it, not even when we reach the house. It is quiet. I can’t wait until Dad hires people. Then the place will be busy and lively.

After Mom’s absence and then Aunt Eliza, Mom’s younger sister… I’ve always missed that busy and lively atmosphere. She was an amazing hostess and an even better aunt. She knew even when I tried to hide my feelings.

It was easy to talk to her about… everything. About the cute guys in my class, the girls that bullied me and teased me but wanted to come to my birthday party.

I have hardly witnessed my parents fighting at all. Except for one time, years ago when I was very young, around four years old. Mom wanted to work again, but Dad refused saying she didn’t have to, and that he didn’t want her tired or stressed out. That night they had fought, Dad had found out she had accepted a position at some company, and he had come home and seethed through dinner, making me go to bed early. I had eavesdropped on their conversation, since I really wasn’t tired and it was too early for me to go to sleep.

To my knowledge, that had been their only fight since they got married. Dad slept in one of the guest bedrooms on the second floor, while Mom stayed in their master bedroom on the third floor of the McEwan mansion we lived in since I was two.

“Princess,” Roger says.

“You should stop calling me that,” I say quietly.

“Why, or you’ll get used to it,” he asks.

I sigh, looking up to meet his gaze. “I’m fine… You don’t have to stay and babysit me… I know you’re busy and I don’t want to impose.”

“My job is to…” he says. “I’m your driver and bodyguard,” he informs me.

“Well, you’re not my cook tonight… May you please go,” I ask quietly. “I’ll be fine on my own. If I need anything, I’ll call you.”

“My number is on the refrigerator’s notepad,” he informs. “Have a good night Princess.”

The door closes behind him before I can correct him. I sigh shaking my head as I walk into the kitchen with the envelope still in my hand.

I open it as I sit down on the high kitchen bar stool. It’s… a letter to me.


To my lovely Rayven,

I have been home all day, awaiting your return so we can start our match, but I was called away to Colorado for a few days… I know you are hurt, I’m quite disappointed in myself right now. I am looking for an assistant right now. I want to be there with you. I hate not being able to kiss you goodnight or even tuck you into bed like I used to.

I know you might be too old for me to read you a bed time story, but I wish I could have my little girl. I will be home Thursday, please don’t be mad. Here’s your card, whatever you need, use it.

I open the last flap of the paper to see a MasterCard there beside Dad’s signature.

I sigh sadly, placing them both on the kitchen counter before going upstairs to my bedroom.

“I can only wait and see what you end up doing,” I say quietly, slipping under my silk covers.

The End

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