I sit in Law class, the back row, to the right, closest to the windows. I noticed when the bell rang, Roger drove away. I smirk at the notion of skipping school. He’s smart, I had to give him credit, but this year I was gonna work my butt off.

A whole summer with Dad is what I was striving for, and I was definitely gonna get it, no matter if he had to hire a vice president to handle matters while we are away.

I smile at the thought of having Dad to myself for a whole summer.

“Rayven Bennett,” I hear my name being called.

I glance up to meet the dark eyes of a blonde lady. “Here,” I say.

She looks slightly surprised when our eyes meet and she frowns instantly. She continues down the list as she takes attendance.

Law class goes by and so does English, before my lunch period finally comes. Roger is back, standing out waiting to open the door. “How did you know it was my lunch time?”

“I was given a copy of your new schedule,” he says. “Where would you like to go for lunch?”

“I’m really not hungry now, but school finishes in three hours, how about we grab a burger or something then,” I ask.

He chuckles, “Strict orders from my boss to feed you when it is lunch time, though yes we will be getting you something to eat after school as well.”

I frown, “Your boss as in my father?”

“Yes ma’am,” he says, trying to hold back the smile.

“Her own personal driver, isn’t that cool,” I hear. I don’t turn to look at the group of girls as they openly spy on us.

I sigh, “Whatever… Let’s go.” He laughs as he opens my door and I slide in. “I think I am gonna start wearing sunglasses now.”

Roger drives us away and down closer to the fast food restaurants. “By tomorrow your cook will be there, so it’s only today really you’ll have to buy a lunch,” he informs me.

I nod, knowing the routine. Our staff usually comes two days after us, usually waking me up by the smell of fresh baked bread and breakfast cooking.

All over again, I miss Olivia, Ruth and Marcia. I sigh sadly as Roger goes through drive thru grabbing me a McChicken combo, he passes it back to me and drives me back to school. 

“Have you made any friends yet,” he asks.

“Nope,” I say popping a fry in my mouth.

He shakes his head, “Why not?”

“The guys are too busy staring at my body, and the girls are busy talking about me,” I shrug.

He laughs, “I’m just glad I didn’t have to chase you down to find out where you ran off to.”

“I noticed you left when the bell rang,” I smirk. “No, I don’t skip classes.”

“I heard you are very intelligent,” he smiles.

“Well, it depends on who you listen to,” I smirk. “My father thinks I’m an angel.”

“And your mother,” he asks.

“Never really knew her… She died when I was six,” I say.

He nods, “My mother died when I was young too.”

“Did you have a great dad,” I ask.

He chuckles, “To a certain point in my life.”

“Sounds like everyone’s relationships with their fathers are complicated,” I muse.

“You can say that,” he smiles. “He didn’t approve of me getting this job as a designated driver when I have a degree.”

“Wait… I don’t know why you’d do that either,” I say.

He smirks, “The thing is I worked for your father as one of his advisers, but… Office work was getting boring, very quickly, but when he’d call me to go run something to another firm, two or three states away, I was trusted, and reliable to be at a certain place by a certain time. So I didn’t hesitate to change jobs when he packed up and left to move here.”

“I haven’t seen you before though,” I say with a slight frown.

“Exactly, I was always on the road,” he smiles. “I love it, office work, just felt… like mediocre. Anyone can call clients, type up information, answers phones,” he shrugs.

“Is my dad a good boss,” I ask.

“The best I’ve ever had,” he smiles brightly. “The amount of time he spends with charities events and young kids in the hospital as always warmed my heart. He is a very caring man, you’re a lucky young lady to have a father like him.”

The End

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