I never put the thought to think he might be one of them. I hadnt seen one in years. I'd come across them in my ageless life but never in such close contact like this. God, I had almost got a crush on the guy.... like him.

I stopped my pacing and sighed knowing he wouldnt of left. I change and slip beneath the covers of my bed. I close my eyes and just listen hearing a slight snoring. I cant help but laugh. I stop becoming annoyed at the fact that he's making me feel even a glimpse of positive emotions.

They dont have emotions. Demons dont feel anything. I learnt that the first time and I will never make that mistake again...


The market was bustling and I smiled as I walked through looking at the wonderful colourful stalls. "Hello, Miss Phoenix" a voice called. I turned and looked to see Mr Ray Williams.

"Oh, hello, Sir. Lovely day, isnt it?" I say politely.

"It is a beautiful day" he replies walking beside me as I head towards the fountain.
 Kids run round squealing and laughing. I cant help but smile at the sight of it and how the parents watch carefully from the side.

"Did you want something, sir?" I ask coming to a stop and facing him.

"Yes, I was wondering if you would be kind enough to accompany me tonight for dinner"

I look at Ray with shock. "I would love to" I say with a smile.


I run. My feet pound against the ground. How could he do this? Just how could he? My lungs begin to strain and I know I wont be able to run much longer.

Luckily I dont have to at the sight of my house up ahead. Then I get a shock. He's already there. I stop trying to get my breath back. He smiles and begins towards me. "No!" I snap running into my home. I head straight to the kitchen grabbing a knife.

"Like that will work" Ray laughs as he appears before me.

"Why are you doing this?" I whisper crying.

"Cause your soul smells soooo sweet" he breaths. Then I stab out and time seems to freeze for a moment. Then Ray's eyes widen as his skin begins to crack before he explodes into dust. All thats left is a grey orb that seems to glow.

Against all my better judgement I reach out......


I wake up screaming and Thorn comes in finding me curled up crying. Great, I hate feeling so vunerable. "Phoenix?" he calls but I cant reply. I cant even look at him. He's a demon and his soul is what made me this freak. I dont even know how it happened.

I feel a slump in the bed and I know he's sat down but I just keep crying. Why cant I stop?

Then I feel Thorn begin playing with my hair. I wack away his hand angrily. "Don't touch me" I hiss.

"Sorry" he says but can I really believe him?

The End

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