Phone CallMature

I woke to the sound of my phone ringing. I propped myself up reaching across my large double bed to grab my phone. "Hello?" I mumble sleepily into the phone.

"Good morning" a voice replies. I flop back onto my bed grabbing my clock to see its only 9:30 before putting it back with a groan.

"Who is this?" I ask with a yawn stretching out. I feel myself slowly beginning to wake and I dont like this. I like my saturday lie ins.

"Its Thorn"

"You do realise its half nine on a Saturday morning?" I sigh annoyed.

"Is it? I thought it was later. Sorry"

"No, its okay" I say smiling slowly. "So you called?"

"To see if you wanted to grab a coffee with me"

"Give me an two hours and its a deal"

"Okay" he says with a chuckle. I hang up with no goodbye feeling a little bit naughty as I do it. I slip my legs out of the bed moaning feeling like its way to early but going against what I'm feeling I stand up.

I head for the bathroom where I get straight into the shower. I stand there soaking before scrubbing down my body and washing my hair. I get out and look at myself in the mirror. "I look like a bed monster" I groan seeing the bags under my eyes. I get my moisturisers. By the time I'm done my face is spotless just like the rest of my body. I smile and wink before heading to get dress. I dont take long to decide picking out a summers dress.

I pull it on along with some strappy white heels. I twirl in front of my mirror and pick out a white satchel bag. I shove in it my purse, keys, phone and make up bag. I grab a nice crop jacket and then head out slipping on my glasses before I leave.

I walk along the summery streets enjoying the sun as I pull out my phone to text Thorn about which coffee shop we're meeting at. I'm soon there and I sit down waiting closing my eyes to enjoy the sun which is why I dont notice Thorn turn up.

"Why the sunglasses?" his voice suddenly says making me jump.

"Cause of the sun" I reply smiling. He chuckles and I gently fold one leg over the other.

"What can I get you?" he asks as I look him up and down.

"Cappicino" I reply glad my sunglasses hide my obvious checking out. I enjoy the view but theirs something. Something telling me to not be here. Not in his presence and that there is something wrong about him. He fetches the drink and getting a mocha for himself. "So?" I say letting my fingers wrap around the cup.

The End

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