Once you get a taste of darkness can u really go back?

I look at my reflection and sigh. I know it wont change ever which just freaks me out. I sigh and put my foot up on the seat to strap up my heels and take a glance at my tattoo. Its on the outer side of my right ankle and is a tribal looking pattern of a phoenix which ironic in someways since Phoenix is my name. I smile and finish strapping up both my shoes. I then set to work on my hair.

I make sure my curls are pulled back into a high ponytail one hanging free on the right side of my face. The raven black colour of my hair goes with my pale skin but my icey blue eyes shine out. I smile grabbing my mascara and eyeline quickly applying it.

Then I'm done. I look at my outfit which consists of short shorts, a short sleeve loose crop top and long sleeve jean jacket. I smile and turn heading out. I walk the dark murky streets with ease. The sound of barking dogs and a far off siren in my ears. As I reach the club street I hear a lot of voices. I roll my eyes at the squealing girls waiting in line as I walk straight up to the bouncer.

"Hi, Ricky" I say with a smile knocking my fist with his. "How Chelsea?"

"We had a bit of a fight" Ricky says looking a bit grim. Ricky's a bit smaller than what you'd expect a bouncer to look like but he's authoritive and strong. He's also quite hot which keeps the girls in line.

"Aww, well, tell her I'll see her Tuesday and have a good night" I say with a smile as he pulls back the rope for me. By Tuesday I'm refering to the spa I've been working at the past year as a massager.

"You too Phoenix" he says with a nod. I see a few people in line look pissed off but I couldn't care less. I'm here for the party not to worry about others. As soon as I get in the club I head for the bar. Elliot looks up before I even sit down. He smiles back slowly. "Well, look who it is" Elliot says with a little arrogant hint to his voice and movement. He leans forward against the bar. "What can I get ya?"

"How about serve the other people waiting first, El?" I laugh sitting down and crossing my long legs. Elliot's eyes look at them briefly before he moves off to serve the other clubbers.

I sigh leaning on the bar. I feel a presence of someone sitting to my left. A cold eirey presence. I surpress a shiver and take a deep breath. "Can I buy you a drink?" the man asks.

The End

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