Phoenix - From Ashes to Flying High


Nandita and Abhi got married and Nandita was allowed to do a job of her choice. After few days it was Nandita's birthday and they decided that they will celebrate it with Tia, Sammy and Anu. They had huge fun.When they came back to their home, Abhi took a small thing wrapped in packing paper and gave it to Nandita. She eagerly opened the present with much eagerness like a small child and what she got keep her stunned for few minutes. It was a PHOENIX made of fine crystal. She looked at Abhi.

"Last birthday you got a lot of pain to get a Phoenix tattoo on your body. I don't want  you to get hurt anyways. You were so heart broken few days back but still you managed to give your life a second chance. This Phoenix crystal is the symbol of your power to fight back and also how exactly like a Phoenix you managed to set your past behind and start living with all your courage."- saying this Abhi's eyes started to glitter but he was too strong to show his tears.

Nandita hugged him tightly and said- "I love you Abhi and I am sorry that I ignored your feelings before."

They looked in to each others eyes and then slowly closed their eyes and gave a kiss to each other.

The End

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