Hitting Back

Nandita was little demoralized  as she thought that she had not done a fair game but then she thought that whatever Yash had done to her was even more unfair. Meanwhile Yash was flying high in the sky. It was clear to everyone that Yash's engagement was more of a business partnership. Samvedna took him to every big parties that she visited. Yash was really enjoying the stardom. On the other hand Abhi's Dad talked to Nandita's parents concerning his son's marriage proposal for Nandita. Nandita's parents were too happy as they had known Abhi since many long years and it was quiet evident that Abhi truly loved Nandita. Nandita was also looking for a steady relationaship and so she accepted. But both of them decided to surprise their common friends and so they did not disclose about it to them.



Now the result of the tender was announced and to everyone's hope... Abhi's company got that tender. Now Samvedna was no more interested in getting married to Yash though he tried his level best to win back their confidence but his struggle was of no use. So the engagement of Samvedna and Yash was called off. Yash tried to get Nady back in his life. But now it was Nandita's turn to rule. She did not disclose him about the marriage proposal of Abhi for her.  Abhi's dad threw a grand party and Yash was also invited. Yash knew that it was Abhi's dad who got his tender which proved to be the worst days of his life now. But he knew that Nady would also go there so he agreed to come in the party.

Nandita was looking very pretty at the party. She was standing with her parents as Abhi's dad started announcing.

"Thank you all of you who are present here for making this party even more successful with your presence. Like all of you know that this party is being thrown because I got a huge tender and all this was possible just because of my loving son. It was Him who told me to go for this tender and gave me the confidence that I would get this tender. Thank you so much Abhi. Anyways.I am here to announce a surprise. So I would request Abhi and Nandita to please come up here." Abhi and Nandita along with her parents walk towards the stage. Abhi's dad continues - "So now I announce the official engagement of my son Abhi with Nandita who is the only daughter of  Mr. & Mrs. Dutta. Please exchange the rings now."

Abhi's and Nandita's friends were equally surprised.  Abhi and Nandita were engaged and their marriage was fixed just after two days. Everyone present in the party congratulated them and their friends were merry making. Yash did not know what to say. He hold Nandita's arms strongly and took her to a corner.

"What the hell is all this going on Nandita?" - asked Yash in an angered voice.

"Didn't you hear it Yash? I have got engaged with Abhi few moments ago."

"I heard it but you two were just friends, right? Then how can you marry him? You never told me that you have any feelings for him."

"Tell you? But why? Who the hell do you think you are? Listen one sense for all. I am getting married to Abhi and you are not an important person in my life that I should have told you anything. Stop giving so much importance to yourself. Am i clear to you Yash?"

"Come on Nady. I said I am sorry for whatever I have done to you but trust me I love you."

Hearing this Nandita slaps strongly on the face of Yash. "This is exactly what you deserve and i can't give you anything more than this." - Nandita said with all her self respect and ego. She was lasting to slap Yash since months and now she finally did it. Everyone around looks at them and Yash was ashamed. Abhi immediately called the security and threw Yash out of the corridors of their party venue.

The End

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