Facing the truth.


Just then there was a knock at the door and Nandita's mom called her out - "Shona (The pet name of Nandita or Nady...both are same) please open the door as I need to talk to you." (Mothers always know what's going their child's heart. So never hide things from her.) Nandita immediately wiped her tears away and wore her favorite top and opened the door.Without looking in her mother's eyes she swiftly turned her back and went in front of the mirror to comb her long hair.Her mother takes her wet clothes and puts them in the washing machine. She makes a cup of coffee for Nandita and goes to her room. By this time Nandita manages to calm herself and starts reading a novel. Nandita's  mom gives her the cup of coffee and sits by her side. Straightaway she asks Nandita- "What's wrong with you? Why are you not receiving any of your calls?" Nandita stays mum and behaves as if she had heard nothing. Seeing this Nandita's mom says- "Shona I know Yash has cheated on you. I know he got engaged with that spoiled girl Samvedna just because of her affluent money.  But Shona you are not suppose to live like this. You have to get up and show him that he's not the end of your life.Don't let him feel that he messed your life. You will get far better boy than him. Moreover he is ..."

Just then there was a bell ringing at the door. Nandita was going to get up just then her mom said that she will open the door herself. "Hey Nady!" - a tough voice said. Nandita was shocked to see Abhi and Sammy as there was a huge rainfall just an hour before and Sammy did not like to get out of her home while it rained outside. "h..Hi guys!" Nandita said in a cold voice. Sammy rushed to her and gave her a tight hug and then Abhi hugged her with enough warmth. Nady tried to behave normal."Where is Anu and Tia? Haven't they come with you?" Sammy said- "No. Anu is suffering with cough and Tia has gone for an important meeting."

"Oh...  I see. Abhi are you free tomorrow?"

"Why not? Nady it's Sunday tomorrow."

"Ya you are right. I forgot."

"Like you forgot to sip that coffee that aunty brought to you."

"Seriously... It really slipped off my mind. Anyways. Can you pick me up tomorrow so that we can go to see Anu. She might need us."


Then there was a pin drop silence in the room. Abhi was looking out of the window and was looking at the sky which was now silent. Very much like the silence in the room. Sammy was busy trying the cosmetics of Nady and seeing to it that which of her lipstick suited on the dress she was wearing. Just then Abhi turned to look at Nady who was shedding tears without letting anyone know.

"Why the hell are you crying for that man who doesn't deserve your tears?" -Abhi shouted. Sammy was so shocked of the sudden voice that she dropped the lipstick on the floor. Nady just looked into Abhi's eyes and she could clearly see that extra love in his eyes as always. (Abhi was a big flirt but he truly loved Nady and wanted her to marry him but he never dared to declare his love fearing that Nady would never accept him and he would lose her friendship also.) Nady was always attracted by Abhi's way of looking at her but then she always hit her head and thought that he was just a good friend.

"Abhi please. You almost got Sammy an heart attack. And mom is also near by so please slow down your voice. Moreover Yash was my lover and you have no right to say anything wrong about him."

"Nady are you kidding with me? That man got engaged with that ugly witch just because she is rich and you want me to keep my mouth shut about it? There he is celebrating his engagement and here you are wasting your precious tears after him.... Nady for heaven's  sake ! I can't just let you see crying for him."

"Then what  do you want me to do? Should I dance or sing or party that my boyfriend is getting married...Hip Hip Hurray!!!"

"Exactly.This is what we should do. Party! ! ! Come on get ready and we'll go to the best restaurant in town and we'll have a party.The treat is from my side."

Sammy said in an amazed way - "Abhi I think you should just move out of here or Nady is certainly going to kill you. How can you even imagine such a thing?"

"Shut up Sammy. What's the need for Nady to lock herself in her own home and just sulk about it? She is a brave girl and I want to see her happy as always. As far as Yash is concerned, I am certainly going to break his jaws and then I'll see how he celebrates."

Sammy in an irritated voice says to Abhi -"Don't you dare. He is a big guy now and you will be thrown in the police locker. So you better check it out."

"Oh really?? Is it so? Am so scared. Dear if he has become a rich guy now then let me remind you that I am born rich. If I want I can throw him in any stinking dustbin of the town and he won't be able to harm even a single hair from my head."

"Stop it both of you." -Nady shouted. "Abhi, you are not going to do any such stupid thing. You know what? You are right. I am a brave girl. And i know how exactly I am going to hurt Yash without shedding even a single drop of blood. That Samvedna's dad offered her daughter to him just because he is bringing them a very big tender.And when I call it BIG I mean it."

"So what are you going to do now?" - asked Sammy.

"Not me exactly. But yes, Abhi can help me if he wants."

"In every possible way I can" - replied Abhi.

"Well then here's the plan. Your dad has also gone for that tender right?"

"Yes I guess. And if he hasn't, now he will." - said Abhi.

"Great! Then here's the plan. When Yash was filling the tender I had called him up to meet me. But as he was busy so he refused. Just then he repeated the tender number and also the amount that he was filling. So you can say that i know what exactly is the amount that costs him his new love of life."

"Amazing. Then what are we waiting for? I'll use your laptop and check the details of the tender and will go for it." - Abhi said with full enthusiasm.

"But what if he had changed that amount?" - Sammy said with all concern.

"As far as I know him he is too over confident and he would never change the amount that he has filled."-Nady replied.

"And even if he has then, at least  we can give a try. You never know." -Abhi said.

Then they immediately checked the details of the tender and Abhi had a few chit-chat with his Dad and his manager and then he too filled the tender.

The End

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