Remembering the good old days.


Nandita was just so happy on her Birthday. Her best friends  'Tia, Sammy, Abhi and Anu' were all present at sharp 10 in the morning at her house. She was wearing a pretty top and jeans with a denim jacket on the top. Nandita and her mom were true friends. Nandita's mom gifted her a beautiful diamond pendant that Nandita had wished to buy few days back but she couldn't afford it that time. Therefore Nandita was more than happy to get that pendant on her birthday. Her friends had planned a surprise for her. So they took her with them for the surprise. Nady(as her friends called her) was missing her boyfriend Yash who was out of town due to an important meeting and they did not had a chat since a week. Her friends took her to the 'Rextro' and there they had huge fun. There was a tattoo guy who was making the tattoos. Nady took tattoo as a gift to herself but she had to think a hundred times as she knew that her mom will be very upset. But she managed to get one embedded on her arm. The tattoo man asked her that what type of tattoo would she like to have and without thinking for a second she said- "Can you make a phoenix?" The man agreed and started to draw a Phoenix on her body. Sammy(Real name was Simran) asked that what made her go for a Phoenix to which Nandita replied that Phoenix is a mythical bird that burnt itself on a pyre and rose from the ashes to live again. Similarly God forbid if anything wrong happens in her life then she would look at this tattoo and again would rise up with all her inner power and will make her life worth living. Tia was standing in the corner with wide open eyes and was paying all her attention to what Nady was was saying. As Nady finished saying Tia went to her and gave her a huge hug and then said- "Nady ! If anything wrong happens to you then your friends are always there to help you. You need not worry." Saying these words a tear rolled down her cheek and Nandita was deeply touched. After all shouts and pain finally Nandita was finished with her PHOENIX. Then they went for shopping and when they came out of the mall, Nady was all happy with the gifts that her friends just bought her.

By the time they finished shopping it was six fifteen in the evening. Abhi drove the car and just then Anu blind folded Nady and said that they were now going for the surprise. So Nady was all up for her surprise and she kept on guessing what it could be.... Is it a latest cellphone??...or wait a minute...Its got to be an I pod....No??? Any Filmstar??..No way! All her guesses were wrong. Just then Abhi stopped the car and everyone except Anu went outside.Anu kept on entertaining Nady in every possible way.But Nady was now getting irritated and tried to unfold her blindfold.But Anu was not ready to let her do so.

Just then Sammy hold the hand of Nady and helped her to get out of the car.She was still not allowed to remove her blindfold.They all started singing together her birthday song and finally a hand opened her blindfold. At first Nady could not see anything but then she slowly noticed that Tia, Abhi, Sammy and Anu were standing in front of her. She thought for a second that if everyone is in front of us then who took off the blindfold for her. She turned back and yelled- "OH MY GOD !! OH MY GOD!! Yash its you??" She was on top of the world now. She hugged Yash for few minutes and then Anu slowly whispered in her ear-"Did you like the surprise?" Nady grabbed Anu and said- " You never gave me a hint that you all are wrapping Yash for my birthday present.I love you guys.You all are such sweethearts."By the end of her last sentence Nady was already in tears. All her friends came to her and they gave her a huge friends hug altogether. Then they left Nady and Yash to enjoy themselves.

The End

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