This is a story of a young girl who was leading a normal,happy life with her friends and family.She always liked to go ahead in her life unless she is cheated by a very dear person in her life and shatters her into pieces.Finally with the support of her friends and her family she is able to overcome her sorrow and gives her life a second chance and this time she breaks everything and everyone who comes in her way.


The windows started to bang hard. It was cloudy outside. In fact dark clouds were already been seen. It started raining in few minutes. Nandita, who was sitting in her room weeping, heard the thundering clouds. She peeped out of the window and saw that it was raining. She opened the door and came out.

Nandita was dressed in a brown short shirt with full sleeves and a denim blue jeans. Her hair had long curling strands which was coming over her face. She was not very beautiful yet something was very attractive about her. Her eyes were burning red as if she was intoxicated. It was very clear that something was bothering her.

Nandita ran to the roof. The rain was falling heavily. She stepped out of the shed and opened her arms to the free flowing rain as if she wanted to cool down her inner fire.She stood in the rain for a long time unless she felt that the rain has totally stopped. She soon realized that she was absolutely wet so she went downstairs to change her clothes.

As she was changing her wet clothes she noticed her image in the mirror. She stood in front of the mirror and started looking at the tattoo on her left arm that she had gifted herself in her last birthday.



The End

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