Ethan Day 2Mature

Day 2: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

She slapped me. For such a delicate looking thing she sure can hit hard. But what I don’t understand is why. Why did she slap me? What did I do to make her so upset?

Then I remembered…


I had my hand down her shirt. I rolled my eyes and hit myself on the forehead chanting stupid over and over in my head.

The look on her face before she turned away was one I hadn’t seen in while, that was the look of her about to cry. I looked up and started forward so I could go apologize but the sight before my eyes stopped me. Axel.

What the hell was that prick doing with my girl in his arms? She was mine and even though I was the bastard who continued to hurt her she was still mine.

I was about to march over there before something or to correct someone caught my arm. I knew who it was before I turned to face her…

Candy. I sighed “What do you want Candy?”

She giggled “Now is that anyway to talk to your fiancée my love?”

I wretched my arm away from her and growled “You are not my fiancée and you never will be.” Before she could say anything I turned in the direction Phoebe had gone only to see that she had completely disappeared. I growled in frustration and punched the nearest locker.

“Why do you care so much about her? She’s nothing special, I mean she’s not even a werewolf like you, she’s a human. At least I’m also a supernatural creature.”

I turned back to face Candy “You may be a supernatural creature but you’re also a slut, just like every other siren. You guys are just good for nothing sluts.”

Her smirk falter for the briefest of seconds and for a moment I say that my words had truly hurt her but that’s to be expected I did insult her species. Her sly smirk came back when she said “Oh I wouldn’t say we’re good for nothing… I mean” she suddenly appeared right in front of me and started moving her hand south towards my pants “Sirens are particularly good at one thing and if that makes us sluts, then so be it.” She leaned closer to my face and her hand slipped in my pants “I know you want me.”

Rougher then was necessary I pushed her away “I don’t want anyone other than my mate.”

 She hit the row of lockers across from where I was standing. After the shock wore off she stood back up "That’s not how it seemed this morning."

I growled remembering how she lured me into kissing her this morning. Sirens change their appearance to fit what the target wants to see and sadly only the target sees it. “That’s not fair and you know it.”

She shrugs “How. You kissed me.”

My hand curled into a fist on its own accord “I didn’t kiss you I kissed the illusion of Phoebe.” Phoebe’s heartbroken face will forever be etched in to my mind. I smiled when I saw her because in my mind she had just been right next to me and suddenly she was on the other side of the hall

She sighed “That may be true but didn’t you say that werewolf mates feel sparks when they kiss and touch each other. So technically you knew you weren’t kissing your mate and yet you didn’t do anything about it so you shouldn’t be blaming others.”

I let out a defeated sigh and slid down the lockers “Yea I know.”

When my butt hit the floor Candy rushed over “So there’s only one thing left for you to do.”

I didn’t realize that her hands were on my chest “What?”

“Reject Phoebe and fuck me.”

Suddenly I paid attention to what was happening and I was not happy. I quickly stood up and pushed Candy off me “This I’m serious… stay the fuck away from me you dirty slut.”


Without saying anything I get up and walk away.

The End

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