Phoebe Day 2Mature

Day 2: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The rest of that day Ethan and I hung out even during my party, he never left my side always holding my hand.

So I thought going back to school would be the exact same but I was wrong, dead wrong. Okay so being a junior means I have my license and my own car, Ethan also has his own car so he drives to school on his own.

I pulled in to the parking lot already seeing Ethan’s corvette in his usual parking spot, I can’t help the smile that creeps over my face as I park. I grab my bag and headed into the school.

Deciding I’d let him find me, I go to my locker, my other best friend Stasia was waiting for me. I smiled at her and opened my locker switching out books.

Just as I was about to close my locker, Stasia who had been avidly talking about her weekend said, “Ugh look at Ethan. What does he see in that whore?”

I froze and slowly turned around to see Ethan making out with Candy one of the two whores in our school. She and Whitney are both fake blondes who have been known to do anything for a guy. I swallowed and almost screamed in anger when Ethan’s hand suddenly slipped up her shirt.

I realize that I had been staring when suddenly someone let out a faux scared yell that caused everyone is the hall to turn. I barely blinked glancing over at the girl briefly before turning back to the man whore and the slut.

Ethan met my glare and smiled, before realizing I wasn’t happy or smiling back, I was fuming. He looked briefly confused before he remembered that his hand was still in Candy’s shirt.

With fear in his eyes he removed his hand and looked back at me. I didn’t stay around long enough to see what happened next because I turned on my heel, grabbed Stasia’s arm and stormed away. Stasia was confused but didn’t say anything she just followed me.

Before we could fully turn the corner my arm was roughly snatched away from Stasia forcing me to stop and turn around. I can face to face with a slightly out of breath Ethan. He took a moment to catch his breath before he started.

“Phebes let me explain.”

My eyes narrowed with anger “Explain what? That scene looked pretty self-explanatory but if you have another explanation as to why your tongue was stuffed down Candy’s throat then by all mean go right ahead.”

Ethan sheepishly looked at the floor “Okay so maybe I was kissing her…”

I interrupted before he had a chance to explain “Maybe,” I all but yelled at him “There is no maybe you were sucking off her face with your hand on her boob.

He reaches for my hand but I pull away “Phoebe just let me explain…”

He didn’t even get a chance to explain because someone’s hand slapped him…

I realized too late that it had been mine. I gasped covering my mouth with my hand which was now hurting slightly. Ethan looked back at me a red hand print clear as day on his face. I let out a forced breath “I don’t wanna hear it Ethan. I’m not going to let you break my heart, I don’t need to go through that again.”

Before he could say anything else Stasia and I walked away with big fat tears rolled lowly down my face. Ethan didn’t follow, part of me wanted him to but I don’t think I could handle him lying to me even more then he already had.

Suddenly I was stopped by a deep voice saying “Why you crying beautiful?”

I stopped walking and looked to my right; there stood Axel Powers the school bad boy who also happened to be a friend, we weren’t as close anymore but we used to be Ethan included.

The three of us were inseparable till high school. Ethan and I stayed close but Axel drifted away. I shook my head “Oh am I crying?” I was about to reach up to wipe away the tears but a soft warm hand beat me to it

I looked up in surprise at Axel who was now standing in front of me.

He had become quite the looker in high school and now staring at him it took my breath away that he’d grown up so much. “A beautiful lady such as yourself shouldn’t cry, no matter what the reason.”

I sadly smiled and looked away “Thanks for your concern but…”

I felt his hand lift up my chin “Look at me.” I met his eyes, his beautiful hazel eyes “You should smile Phoebe. I always loved it when you smiled, it made happier and I felt safe when you smiled.”

I sniffled; I hadn’t realized how much I had missed his friendship.

My tears started falling “Oh Axel.”

I threw my arms around him “I’ve missed you so much.”

I felt his strong arms snake around my waist. 

The End

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