Ethan Day 1Mature

Day 1: Monday, May 27, 2013

‘Is she trying to kill me?’ I almost lost it when she took her sleep shirt off.

Her body was perfection, smooth soft caramel skin, long legs, an hour glass shape, toned stomach with a tiny diamond in the belly button, full pink lips that I loved kissing, gorgeous hazel cat eyes, the cutest button nose, and silky dark brown curls.

She had the best smile so whenever I could I made her smile. The only reason I hadn’t asked her out is because she only saw me as a friend and so if tried making a move our friendship would be over but sometimes I can help kissing her not that she seems to mind.

She changed her sports bra into a lacy light colored bra and her undies matched. She had been so close; I could smell her natural vanilla scent. She pulled on her jeans, jumping a little to pull them up faster; it made her glorious breast bounce.

I gulped and had to look away before I got too horny. When I looked back she had pulled on her tee shirt which somewhat showed her bra, she was also tightening her belt and wearing a small frown. Her eyes glanced at me and flickered away quickly, I had just enough time to see the sadness in her sliver tinged green eyes.

Why is she sad and did I have something to do with it? She was over back to her closest but I caught her around the waist before that was possible. “What’s the matter Phoebe?”

She quickly shook her head “Nothing.”

 I pulled her down she was sitting in my lab her knees resting on either side of me on the bed “Look at me.” she sighed and we locked eyes, the sadness was still there. “Now tell me the truth. Why are you sad?”

She snapped “I already said nothing was wrong Ethan. Don’t you understand that?” I gasped slightly at her outburst. She struggled trying to get out of my hold “Let me go Ethan.”

My grip tightened around her slim waist “No just tell what’s on your mind.”

Suddenly she stopped and hiccupped which meant she was about to cry “Stop asking.”

I was confused but I still moved a curl out of her face “Phoebe what happened you said you would always tell me everything and that, we would always be honest with each other.”

She arched an eyebrow in disbelief “You’re seriously asking for honest from me when you haven’t been honest with me in so long.”

I frowned “I’m not sure I follow.” ‘Does she know my true feelings?’

She jabbed a finger at my chest “I know you have a crush on Whitney.” Dumbstruck I gapped at her ‘Whitney? She, thinks I like that blonde bimbo? Is she really that oblivious?’ she seeing reaction she said in a hurt sounding tone “I’m right aren’t I?”

With a smile I shook my head “No darling I don’t like Whitney, blondes aren’t my type.”

With curious eyes she asked “Well… then what is your type?”

I picked up one of her curls “Brunettes.” In the blink of an eye I flipped her over so she was laying on the bed, her head resting on a pillow “Tall, brunettes.”

Even though I was taller than her she was still a good head taller than most of the girls at our school. I reached over and stroked her leg, pulling her leg up at the knee “With long legs.”

From her knee I ran my hand down the side of her thigh “With soft skin.” I moved my hand up the side of her body “With a good figure.” I smiled at the look on her face, she looked dazed and her eyes were darkened with lust.

I moved to trail kisses up her jaw line when I reached her face I gently kissed her nose “With cute button noses.” I kissed down her cheek and the I brushed my lips against hers “With full pink kissable lips.”

I could feel her rejection coming so before she could answer I whispered “You’re the one I like Phoebe.”

Her shock and surprise caused her to gasp. She breathlessly whispered “Ethan….”

Not wanting to lose her I quickly said “I understand if you don’t like me back.”

She smiled softly and sat up so we were nose to nose “I had no idea you ever felt that way about me. If I had known I would have told you a lot sooner.”

That confused me, what is she trying to say “Told me what?”

With a chaste kiss on my lips she whispered “I like you too Ethan.” I smiled and without saying anything I dove at her lips, I pushed back down on the bed causing her to giggle.

The End

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