Phoebe Day 1Mature

Phoebe and Ethan have been friends forever. Phoebe has liked Ethan since they turned twelve but has never had enough confidence to do anything about it. Ethan has always admired Phoebe from a distance thinking they could never be together. But then Ethan finds out she likes him so he decides to make her his girlfriend. Normally this would be a piece of cake for Ethan but he keeps messing everything up, so now he has to win her over and convince her to stay in his arms.

Day 1: Monday, May 27, 2013




‘Ugh there goes that annoying alarm clock again! Damn I hate Mondays,’ I thought to myself, as I slowly turned to the side of my bed and picked up my phone. I slid it open, only to see a text from my lovely Ethan. Ethan is my best friend; we have been best friends since we were five. We have gone to the same school and had all the same classes, except this year, I had missed him often this year. I clicked view to see the text that read: Hey beautiful, I bet you thought you had to go to school today didn’t you? Ha-ha its memorial weekend silly, by the way I’m coming over in a couple of minutes so be ready, love you (: I was so tried that it took a couple times of rereading it to realize what it said ‘I didn’t have to go to school.’ I laughed silently before it sunk in ‘He’s coming over?’ Suddenly I heard a little knock on my door then it swung open. I hid under my sheets before I could see who it was. But I had a feeling I knew who it was. “Phoebe, come on I know your awake now stops hiding” Ethan’s silky voice calmed me as I arose from my hiding.

 “Hey Ethan,” I said sleepily but happy. Ethan sat down right next to me, his sandy hair tousled messily and brushed his hand across my face removing the hair from my face, as I looked in to his mind blowing eyes, the light blue and pitch black ring around them, made a small shiver run down my spine.

I slowly sat up as our eyes locked. Time slowed. His hand found its way to my thigh, my breath hitched and suddenly it felt like my heart was trying to break out of my chest going faster and faster.

He smiled knowingly; I swear he purposely teased me. Was my heart really that loud, letting him know how I truly felt? Normally I would be embarrassed but the moment he touched my thigh nothing else started to matter all I wanted was him, and I’m sure he knew it by the way he was smiling.

In the blink of an eye he was closer. Our noses were touching, his breath fanned over me; I could almost taste his mint. He leaned in close our lips almost touching, as our eyes never leaving each other’s. His eyes finally broke away and move to my lips, inside I felt like my insides were about to explode slowly melting all I wanted was him.

Fed up with waiting I wrapped my arms around his neck, bringing him closer if that was even possible, I tangled my hands in to his hair. He grabbed my waist and pulled me flush against him.

Without warning his lips brushed against my ear whispering “Happy birthday.” He trailed soft butterfly kisses up my jaw before he stopped just at the corner of my mouth as if asking for permission. When I made no move to stop him, he dove in claiming my lips as his own.

We had kissed many times before this but somehow this one was different it was filled with heated passion that felt like it had been locked away for years. Our bodies pushed together fought for control and battled with heat. As soon as it had begun it ended.

He pulled away with a smile. Our noses still touching he stared deep in to my eyes searching but for something but what I couldn’t tell. Leaving my lips pink and swollen he stood up his smile still present.

Fighting tears I fell back on to my bed and wished that moment had lasted just a bit longer. I threw my arm over my eyes and with closed eyes

I thought about why he did this to me, when he beautiful voice alerted me that he was still here. “Phoebe get dressed it’s almost one and you have a party to get ready for.” Ethan said his voice husky and rough as if he was battling something within him.

When I refused to move, he groaned. Suddenly his hands were grabbing just above my knee and with unknown strength he gently pulled me up. His hands moved to hold me up under my butt and I wrapped my legs around his waist he always carried me like this so when my arms snaked around his neck again he didn’t fight it.

I laid my head on his chest listening to his calming heartbeat. I smiled because I loved his heartbeat it made me feel like I was safe. I briefly glanced up at his face and saw he was smiling. He set me on the chair in the corner of my room all too soon.

Without asking what I wanted to wear he walked to my closet and pulled out my favorite outfit. Dark wash skinny jeans and a form fitting white tee shirt. I caught the clothes stood up and started getting changed. I striped to my bra and panties. I walked over to the dresser which is near where Ethan was sitting.

I grabbed the bra matching my undies and slyly put it on without showing anything still managing to remove the sports bra. I looked over at Ethan wonder what he was thinking about because he had a pained look on his face and dark eyes.

The End

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