Phillips Magical Jandals

A story I might send into a comp

There was once a boy named Phillip. He was 100% New Zealander and he was proud of it. He  had a pair of Jandals which never left his feet. His mum had bought them when they were on special a few years ago. They were a firey colour with a evil looking sheep on them. The things that hold them to your feet were purple. He slept with them, ran with them, played rugby in them, even went SKIING in them! These were Magical Jandals. Phillip was a writer and these Jandals, he said, made him think. He would think up a Magical story and with his Magical Kiwi pen would bolt them down on his Magical ream of paper. A boy named Troy heard of these Magical items and thought "Hey! If I got hold of those Jandals I would be one of the best writers in New Zealand. When Phillip was sleeping, Troy snuck in through his open window and slipped the Magical Jandals of his feet. The next moring when Phillip woke up he was wagamaberted (which is a fancy word for shocked). He searched high and low, in every nook & cranny. He sent a picture to the local police station. The all said he was crazy, desparate for a pair of jandals. He would show them. To this day the jandals had remained missing, and here you are reading this story, all thanks to Phillips Magical Jandals!

The End

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