Part 5: The Treasure of St. Mackay's

Torchlight flickered off the stone walls of the damp tunnel beneath St. MacKay's monastery as two cloaked figures made their way to an unknown destination.  At least it was unknown to the smallest of the two, who followed his mentor in awed silence and wonder.  The Yule feast had come and gone, followed by the turning of the year and still Pheregas had learned nothing more about the treasure that lay hidden in this sacred place.  He had convinced himself that Kaidon was going to wait until his 80th birthday, or at least his 8th, to give him anything.  But to his surprise, the Lord Protector had chosen this day in mid-January to suddenly decide it was time.  Pheregas was mystified.  Why now?  What had his teacher been waiting for?

Pheregas did not have the answers, but he couldn't have been more excited than he was at this moment knowing that he was mere minutes from his destiny!

The long, corridor ended at a heavy wooden door, bound with iron.  Pheregas' breath caught in his throat as the torchlight revealed the image of a gryphon carved between two crosses in the wood of the door.  It was his father's coat of arms!

Slowly Kaidon pushed open the door and they stepped into a long room with two rows of pillars running the length of it.  At the far end was a platform, upon which stood what appeared to be a beautiful stone table.  Pheregas looked around the room in utter amazement.  All of the stone work was cut and chiseled with precision and inlaid with gems that sparkled in the torchlight.  The largest of these drew Pheregas' eyes to the two side walls where he noticed that there were names engraved every few feet in neat columns and rows from floor to high ceiling.

Kaidon moved to one of the side walls, holding the torch high enough to read the names clearly.  "It is the final resting place of your ancestors for generations, including..."  He moved back to the center of the room, where Pheregas noticed for the first time a slightly raised slab of stone in the floor.  "...Lord Mahantis Gryphonheart."

Slowly Pheregas approached the center of the room, looking down with reverence upon the large stone.  It was raised about two feet from the floor and set in the center of it rested a full suit of armor with a shield layed upon one side and a sword upon the other.  All were decorated with the colors and symbols of his family crest. 

"This is your father's armor and his sword, Pheregas."  Kaidon stated, a hint of emotion in his voice.  "This is what you've been hoping to find, it is not?  The treasure you've been seeking?"

The End

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