Part 4: Mysterious Legacy

A young page learns the true source of the greatness of knighthood.
A series of short segments written in a kids club newsletter. Parts 1-3 are lost.

Pheregas brushed the coat of Kaidon's great, gray Percheron and cleaned the horses hooves.  This was part of his daily duty as a page; a duty which he normally enjoyed. But today he found no joy in it.  They had been here at The Refuge of St. MacKay Monastary for over a month now and still his custodian, Kaidon, had not revealed his purpose in coming.  During the journey here, he had mentioned to Pheregas that this monastery held a great treasure for the son of House Gryphonheart.

"But when am I going to know what it is, Antares?" he asked the stallion, "That's the question."

Antares snorted as if identifying with the boy's frustration and nuzzled his shoulder.  This brought a smile to his face.

"You always understand, don't you boy," he said patting the horses neck and returned to a pebble that was stuck in its hoof.  "You're probably right.  I need to be patient.  I'm sure the master has his reasons for waiting.  I wonder if this treasure is something that belonged to my father; like his armor, sent here to be kept safe all these years!  Or maybe his sword to use against the enemy!"

"And which enemy is that?"

Pheregas nearly dropped the hoof pick he had been using and spun to see who had sneaked up behind him!

Brother Argus, one of the attending friars at The Refuge, stood just outside the stall, his hands folded in his robes innocently and a bemused smile on his face.

"Forgive me for startling you, young one.  I did not mean to intrude."

Pheregas recovered quickly and tried to appear casual.  "Oh, hello brother.  I was just myself."

"Dreaming about the glorious future that awaits you as you seek your destiny and reclaim your birthright?"

Pheregas wasn't sure what to say.

"Remember that there are other weapons besides steel and iron," Brother Argus continued.  "And more important enemies than flesh and blood.  The legacy of House Gryphonheart goes deeper than merely removing evil men from power and the treasure you will find here is much greater than mere physical weaponry.  Now come.  I was sent to fetch you for the Yule feast.  We have much to do in preparation for tonight."

Taking the grooming tools from his hand, the friar led him out of the stables and into the abbey.  Still his questions were unanswered, but he now had something new to ponder.  Brother Argus had given him a hint about this treasure.  It had something to do with his father and his destiny.  Of that he was certain.  But what could it be that it was more powerful than a sword and armor?

The End

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