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While I'm not busy being Æther, I'm Iris Fenimore, a slightly overweight acquisitions editor for Carteret Books.  When I say slightly overweight, I should clarify.  Most of this extra weight is carried in flattering places for a lady, so I still look good in my superhero outfit.  I'm just a little more husky than most of the other girls, but I'm also taller than most of them at 5'8'', so I guess you could say I stand out from the crowd, even when I'm in a crowd of phenoms.  Enough about my figure.

Enter Timothy Broderick Lanner.  Thank goodness he goes by Brody.  He probably wouldn't like me saying this, but he's kind of a cute little guy, a couple inches shorter than I am and a lot more fit and trim.  I guess he goes to the gym when he's not at work, but when he is at work and not actually working, he's often goofing off with me.  We were fast friends when I moved here to NYC about a year ago.  As much as I've always had an aversion to the place, a big city means more people, which means more superhero work.  

The latest series of pranks between Brody and I involve passing off a creepy troll doll thing to one another.  The doll is what Brody ended up with after a vicious game of White Elephant during the office Christmas party, and he's been trying to pawn it off on me ever since.  Our rules of passing the doll off between the two of us are simple: we have to do it in such a way that the other person might not notice the pass for perhaps an hour, or even a day.  Upon discovering the doll in your desk's junk drawer or your rain jacket pocket, etc., you have to wait for a ripe opportunity to send it back.  Sometimes multiple passes occur in a single day, but on occasion, particularly if you manage to briefly abscond your opponent's car keys to leave a surprise in the corner of the trunk, it's hidden well enough to not be discovered for about a week.

As tempting as it is, I always avoid using my powers to aid me in the game.  Brody has no idea that I'm a phenom, and I hardly have any intentions to clue him in on it.  Though it would be fun to see his reaction.  Maybe I'll tell him someday, but until that day comes, I can find some satisfaction in the fact that he's about to open his drawer to a spring-loaded troll doll.  This game just went up a notch.

The End

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