I'm probably not going to have time to write much of this story for a while, but I wanted to get a small part of it down. A teaser, if you will. :)

Phenoms, they called us.  Terms like "super hero" had already been taken by the fictitious ideals of us, after all.  When people with extraordinary abilities rose up into existence, normal people demanded an explanation.  No one had the answer.  No one knew why these changes had occurred in our bodies.  All the phenoms used to be ordinary people just like you.  And then we weren't.  It was as if a single, unknown event had triggered a switch, and our metamorphosis into something more than human began.  

It was as bad as you might imagine.  Only a matter of time before the government started rounding us up for experiments.  Fear spread as a malignant cancer through the cities of the world, and those of us who were lucky enough to have remained under the radar hid our abilities from those who couldn't decide whether to love or hate us.  Phenoms who chose to love those who despised us became masked vigilantes.  Fair enough.  We became super heroes.  And likewise, those who grew to hate the normal people who had treated their kind-- our kind-- with such acrimony became super villains.  In many ways, it was just as the comic books predicted.

I remember the first time I transformed.  I was sitting alone, baking cookies, the entirety of which I was bound to eat myself.  I popped them in the oven and sat down on my couch, staring at the blank television screen as I contemplated my life; it was much more typical then.  My cat Bantam rose up suddenly and began to hiss at me.  When I rose to try to comfort him, I saw from my hand that, where flesh once stood, there was now a faintly glowing, light blue energy.  It was not long before I discovered the nature of what I had become.  I had become able to move through matter of all kinds.  I had become light as air.  I had become Æther.

The End

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