Seeking Refuge

"What do you mean I'm not living here anymore?"

"They've tracked you down, Aurora. You're no longer safe here. They can easily target you now," Jay muttered, opening my wardrobe and throwing clothes at me which I quickly packed into my suitcase.

"But where are we going to go then?" I asked.

"The wizarding colony, where else? It's the only place where you'd be welcomed since everyone knows that they're after you now."

"Wait-how does everyone know they're after me?"

"Our enemies make sure it's known by the public when they're after someone. See if you went to shelter yourself with someone's family, they'll slaughter the family mercilessly to get to you. Knowing that the bad guys are after the one seeking refuge at their house, they won't let you stay with them. You'll have no where to go making it even easier for them to find you."

I stood frozen, hearing this from Jay. Does that mean that my number was up already? That my death was approaching even quicker with the tick of every second?

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around to look at Jay who smiled at me reassuringly.

"It's going to be alright Aurora. You'll be safe, I promise. I'll be defending you."

He gave my shoulder a comforting squeeze and then picked up my suitcase, looking around to check if we'd taken everything.

"That's it right? We've got everything."

Just when he was about to take hold of my hand so we could disapparate, I walked over to my desk and picked up the notebook, which was now coated with dust.

"Now we've gotten everything. Alright, let's go then."

I steppd closer towards Jay and placed my hand in his. He smiled at me and then, we were gone. I was now, marked by death and seeking refuge, hoping that life will rescue me.

The End

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