"I want to know more about you," I said, leaning in to Jay. We weren't in Hollow's Cave anymore. After begging Jay for about what seemed like an hour, he finally took us back to my apartment which is where we were now. I was lying on my stomach on the bed while Jay was sitting down next to me on the ground, cross-legged.


"More about me?"


"Yeah, I mean, seems like we're going to be spending more time together, I should know more about you shouldn't I?"


"I guess so…"


"Well…how old are you?"


"I'm two years older then you. I'm 21."


"Ok, and how many years have you been trained as a wizard?"


"About 5 years. I learned I was one when I was sixteen years old. Oh boy was that a shock. My parents were killed when I was about 7 years old, they had been murdered in combat."


"Oh…I'm sorry about that. Urm…I…"


There was an awkward silence as I tried thinking of something to say to him. I finally blurted out, "Why are your eyes different colors?"


He blinked a couple of times then burst into laughter.


"Are you serious? Of all the things you could ask me about, you ask me about eyes?"


"Well…it is something I want to know the answer to," I answered, smugly.


"It is the way it is. I don't have any reasons why it looks the way it does. Any other questions?"


"Who's been taking care of you all this time? Who's your guardian?"


"My guardian eh? Remember how I told you that your parents had met each other when one of your dad's friends was dying? Well, that friend is the person who's been taking care of me all this time. He's my guardian too."


"Cool, can I meet him?"


He smiled and said, "We'll see."


Right then, a deafening crash hurt my ears as the walls of the apartment came crashing down. Jay had taken hold of my arm and pulled me against him as he whispered under his breath, "Practicus vis tutela".


A bubble of protection circled around us as I stared at the cloaked men who flew into my room through the gigantic hole in my wall.


"What the hell…" I murmured as they started saying stuff in a language I did not understand. Next to me, Jay himself was concentrating intensely and muttering things under his breath, which I knew were spells.


I stared at the men and tried forcing my will, or the power inside me, into hurting them. They were all trying to get to me but thank god, Jay was preventing them. There were four of them and just two of us. How were we supposed to win this? I had to do something. I stared at my bed and thought to myself, if only I could just had telekinesis.


"Agito," I said loudly.


The word had popped in my head and I had said it out loud. The bed had shifted up in the air and I concentrated on it and imagined it smashing into the 4 men and then BAMM! It happened!


They went flying out the wall and I looked up at Jay in surprise. He looked back down at me intensely and said, "You're not living here anymore."


The End

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