Hollow's Cave and Voodoo Rituals


"I feel like I'm doing some rock climbing course," I muttered to myself as I slowly ascended the rock mountain. "Why Hollow's Cave out of all places?"


"You agreed to it."


I nearly lost my footage on the rock as I gasped in surprise and turned to my right. There he was, dressed in his magenta robe and jeans [seriously?].  He was levitating in mid-air, showing off his magic to me while I was trying to not get myself killed.


"Could you just save us the time, and for me the pain, and just use your magic to get us both there in a second?" I asked him.


"Hmm…let me think about it…"


I glared at him as he continued talking to himself about my ability to get up the mountain without falling down.


"God damn it Jay! Just take me there!"


My hands were getting sweaty and believe me, I did not want to get myself killed in this way.  


"Fine, fine. Gosh, you girls can't ever take a joke," he muttered, taking hold of my hand.


The next second, I found myself in a dark cave. But right in the middle was a fire that was quite weak giving it the whole eerie look.


"Is this place supposed to look like a horror movie?" I asked him.


He scowled at me, letting go of my hand. "So do you want to get down to business or not?"


"I do but with you, I think that's going to be impossible."


He ignored me as I sat down close to the fire. He sat opposite me, on the other side of the fire and stared at me.


"Let's start with your family. Your mom's name was Lynetta Keuroverst. She was a healer in her village and she was famous for her abilities. Your dad was one of the most famous mages. He was very popular and he still is. Your dad and Linda met when Linda was healing one of his friends. They adventured together and were head over heels about each other. But then, your dad made a prophecy and he saw that for you to be born, your mom would have to die. In the prophecy, it said that you'd be the most powerful witch."


"Me? The most powerful witch?"


"Yes you. Now the thing is, you have magic inside you but you just don't know that, till now. And now, all you have to do, is to release it," he said plainly.


"Remind me again how I'm supposed to do that."


"Now that, you have to figure out by yourself. Once you get your powers, I'll train you and you'll start learning how to use your powers for the greater good."


"So you're telling me, that I have to release my powers, then train, and then fight evil demons and evil wizards?"


"Yep. You have to fight then when they come, and believe me, I'm pretty sure there will be swarms of them around you. They're going to try and kill you since you might be their end, what being the invincible witch and all."


"That sounds very reassuring," I said ironically.


"It does, doesn't it?" He said, flashing me a grin.


I rolled my eyes and leaned back on my elbows.


"So what now?"


"You just have to get it out of you."


I blinked at him and said, "Yeah, it looks like I need some help with that, Mr. SmartyPants."


"You're on your own for now Ms. Invincible."


I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. What was I going to do? But before that, I planned to ask him something. I just didn't trust him for some insane reason. How could he be my guardian when he only looked around, say, 20?

I got back up on my feet and stared at him as if he was some weird type of fungi I'd never seen before in my life. At first, he ignored me as he continually poked at the fire with a stick, and then he glared at me, irritated.


"I don't trust you."

"Well you're going to have to if you want to live."

"How can you be my guardian when you're so young? How can I trust you not to be some weirdo stalker who just wants my magic all for himself in some evil, brainiac way?"

Jay looked up at me, his expression amused. "That, is probably the first brilliant question you've ever thought of in your life."

I glared at him, crossing my hands in front of my chest and staring at him suspiciously. With a sigh, he got up and rubbed his hands together. "I guess it's time for the ritual."


And then, in his hand appeared what seemed to be a pocket knife.

"What's that for?" I squeaked, backing up.

"Aurora, give me your hand."

"So what you could slice my veins? No way!" That's when I decided to make a run for it. But before I could even take the second step towards the exit of the cave, I felt his arms wrap around my waist. I thrashed against his hold.

"Let me go you weird physco killer!"

With a grunt he spinned me around so I was facing him, making me dizzy, and then I felt a sharp pain on the palm of my hand. I gasped and looked down. The skin of my palm was now tearing apart slowly, the red blood within seeping out.

Taking hold of my hand calmly, he led me to the fire and placed my palm above it, squeezing his hold slightly so that a few drops of blood fell into the fire.

The flames turned a slight purplish color and then, the next second, Jay slashed his palm too and did the same with his blood. Now the flames turned a golden color.

"There, I've proved that I'm your guardian."


He rolled his eyes and then continued speaking, "The flames turned golden the moment my blood, the blood of the guardian, mixed with that of yours, the witch. This is a ritual to prove that I'm your guardian."

I wasn't quite sure weather to believe him or not.

"Aurora..you're going to have to trust me. Besides, even if I was evil, I won't be able to take your powers away from you because you, yourself, have to find them from within."

Biting on my lower lip, I looked up into his eyes which searched mine. "Okay then."

The End

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