Gasping for breath, I glared at him.


“How is it possible that you jump out of my dreams and turn into reality?” I said, unbelievingly.


“Have you forgotten? Magic exists.”


“Yeah, as if that isn’t noticeable,” I said sarcastically.


“Let’s have this conversation somewhere else, Aurora.”


“Fine,” I muttered, still trying to breathe normally.




“So…Jay,” I said with a grim smile, “can you get to the point and tell me why the hell you are existing when you’re supposed to be part of my dream?”


“First of all, that attitude won’t help,” Jay hissed, the usual smile off his face. “Second of all, it’s a long story.”


“I’ve got the time.” I crossed my arms in front of my chest, and leaned back against my seat in the café.


“Simply…you’re a witch.”


“A witch…”


“Yes, a witch. Have you ever wondered why you don’t have any parents? And why, sometimes, you cause a ruckus and strange things just happen when you’re around.”


“I have but-”


“Don’t you wonder why you can sense certain things in people and just notice stuff that others can’t? It all leads to you being a witch, Aurora.”


“Uh-huh, a witch. Then how come I can’t make spells? And how come I didn’t have a guardian? Every witch has a guardian, to guide her and take care of her. How come I don’t have one?”


“Well…in case you don’t exactly see…ta-da!!” He pointed to himself. “Besides, it’s not like all witches know they are one when they’re a kid. Some discover they’re magical years later like how you know right now.”


“You expect me to believe this?” I asked him, an eyebrow arched up.


“You don’t have a choice Aurora. You have to believe this. Your dad is one of the most powerful mages in the world. Your mom was a famous healer in the village of Grildensen. And you know nothing about your past. Don’t you think it’s time to figure out who you really are and learn more about yourself and your family?”


Biting my lower lip, I wasn’t sure anymore about my doubts on Jay. Maybe he was right. I mean, I sure did seem to stick out of the crowd with my weird senses. I’m not magical but at the same time I wasn’t ordinary either. I heaved a huge sigh.


“Yeah okay, fine, I do want to know more about my past and everything. But that doesn’t mean you can do anyth-”


“Great! Starting tomorrow, we’ll meet every evening at the Hollow’s Cave around 5 p.m. Deal?”


I gaped at him, bewildered.




“See you around Aurora.”


Then he evaporated into thin air in front of me, leaving me to ponder about my thoughts in silence.

The End

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