The Birth Of A Witch

The moment I came running into the bookstore, the man at the counter looked at me in a very annoyed way.


"If you're here to argue more about that old book, you'll be wasting your time."


I ran past him, barely hearing the words he had said. Rushing to the spell books, I found him there. His face was buried in a book called Quick Guide To Learning The Simplest Spells, and a few other books were sprawled across the table in front of him.


He looked up from the book and with that annoying smirk on his face, he said, "Aurora Zenderwood. I knew you'd come."





Thunder rumbled as the lightning stuck through the sky, leaving a giant spur of white. It was heavily raining hail outside and anyone out in the open would be in terrible danger of getting their head cracked open. On top of the high rock mountain, inside a cave, a woman was screaming in pain as she endured labor. She was alone as she went through this stage, with no one to support her. But being one of the famous doctors in her village, she knew what to do.


It had only been a few days ago when her husband left her. He was a famous mage and everyone knew his name. He left her a message.


"You have to go through this alone. The prophecy states it that you bare one of the most powerful witches that the World of Wicca shall ever have. You will have to give up your life for our young girl, but don't lose hope. She shall make us proud…"


With that, he was gone. The next day, she found herself in a dark cave on top of the highest mountains in the world. The pain was excruciating as she pushed. But taking a deep breath, with one final push, she was out.


The sound of a whip echoed through the cave as the father of the young baby girl appeared in front of the dying woman. The lightning from outside reflected upon his dark majestic robe and his dark blue eyes flashed from beneath his hood.


He looked into the lifeless eyes of his wife one last time, and closed them. With one simple spell, he covered her body in silk and buried her beneath the soft ground of the grass on the bottom of the mountain. With the baby girl in one hand, he looked at her in wonder and amazement and said, "You will be one of powerful witch, Aurora Zenderwood."  

The End

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